Google might make a VR headset that doesn’t need a phone to work


We have been hearing talk that Google is working on a new VR headset. They already have the Google Cardboard, but this one is said to be much better.

One of the reasons this headset will be much better, and totally different from anything else out there, is the fact that it will be an all-in-one device. It won’t need a phone or a PC in order to work.

Google is actually said to be releasing two new VR headsets. One that is similar to a Samsung Gear VR, which uses a phone to be powered, and another one that doesn’t need anything else to work. The second one would be in its own class as everything else out there must have other devices to function properly.

We don’t know if these reports are true or not as we have heard that one headset is supposed to debut this year, however, we have also heard that Google might dump the idea entirely. If the rumours are true, a likely time frame to see the device would probably be at the Google I/O developer conference later this year. However, it would probably be the headset that works with phones first, and not the stand-alone one just yet.

Source: WSJ
Via: Engadget

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