Google rolls out Android 11 Beta 1.5 to fix issues caused by Beta 1

As with anything in life, the first attempt doesn’t always succeed which means you need to try, try, and try again. After kicking off the Android 11 Beta Program last week with the Beta 1 build available for Pixel handsets to download, Google has produced an intermediate build called Beta 1.5 to fix some of […]

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Amazon will stop supporting its Dash Wand shopping device on July 21st

Amazon is dropping support for yet another Alexa device in a matter of weeks. AFTVnews has learned that Amazon will no longer support the Dash Wand shopping helper as of July 21st, 2020. It didn’t explain why (we’ve asked Amazon for comment), but it…
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Android 10 is finally rolling out to the Moto G7 Play*

Having been marooned on Android 9 Pie since the handset launched in early 2019, it looks like the day has finally come* where Moto G7 Play owners will see their phones get the Android 10 update. The use of an asterisk should warn you of the caveat to come, namely that Motorola is currently only […]

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All Otterbox Star Wars cases are 20 percent off today only

Otterbox is slashing prices on its Star Wars collection in honor of the punny “I am Your Father’s Day.” Today only, you can save 20 percent off their typically durable cases. These usually run between $ 45 and $ 55 (depending on which model phone you h…
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Belkin’s SoundForm Elite combines audio, wireless charging, and Google Assistant all-in-one for $230/£280

As rumors point to a successor finally being developed for the original Google Home, Belkin’s SoundForm Elite that combines the Google Assistant, Bluetooth speaker, and wireless charger functions into a single device is now on sale in the UK. First announced during CES 2020, the SoundForm Elite is now on sale for $ 229/£279. With a […]

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[Giveaway] Win 1 of 5 TCL 10 Pro smartphones!

Well known for its affordable TV’s in the US, TCL has entered the smartphone market under its own branding with its 10 Series handsets proving to be a great first step into the segment. We recently reviewed the TCL 10 Pro and were pleasantly surprised by its elegant design and versatility, and now you have […]

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The North Face pulls Facebook ads over hate and misinformation policies

Criticism of Facebook’s approaches to hate speech and misinformation may hit the social network where it hurts the most: its finances. CNN reports that clothing brand The North Face has become the most recognizable company yet to join an advocacy gro…
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[Deal] Grab $5 and $10 cases in Totallee’s blow-out sale

We’ve featured Totallee in a bunch of our case guides over the years and it’s fair to say that we are big fans of their ultra-thin cases. Having discovered an abundance of Pixel, iPhone, and Galaxy S10 cases in their inventory, Totallee has decided that the only sane thing to do is hold a blowout […]

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T-Mobile Tuesdays welcomes Sprint customers with a blockbuster summer line-up of prizes, deals, and freebies

With the merger a done deal, the joining up of T-Mobile and Sprint products and services has begun in earnest, with the Uncarrier’s rewards program set to welcome its new members with bigger, better deals throughout the summer. T-Mobile Tuesdays says that to celebrate the arrival of Sprint customers, it will offer food deals every […]

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Samsung’s Galaxy A51 5G has a bigger battery, more RAM, and an upgraded processor

We reviewed Samsung’s Galaxy A51 a couple of weeks ago and found it to be something of a lagfest, it’s excellent build quality and versatile quad-camera setup being let down by the lackluster Exynos 9611 processor. Vodafone UK sent us a communique earlier today informing us that a 5G variant is now available with an […]

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[Giveaway] Win one of 5 TCL 10 Pro smartphones!

Well known for their affordable TV’s in the US, TCL has entered the smartphone market under its own branding with its Series 10 handsets proving to be a great first step into the segment. We recently reviewed the TCL 10 Pro and were pleasantly surprised by its elegant design and versatility, and now you have […]

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Nubia teams up with Vodafone to launch the Red Magic 5G Lite gaming phone

We are currently putting the Red Magic 5G through its paces in preparation for its review and now Nubia has teamed up with Vodafone to debut the new Red Magic 5G lite with Spain the first recipient. Sporting the Snapdragon 765G processor, the Red Magic 5G Lite boasts a big 120Hz display, 5G connectivity, and […]

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Introducing YouTube BrandConnect, a platform for Creators and Brands to collaborate

Every day, people come to YouTube to connect with their favorite creators, and in the process, they discover new products they love. In turn, this creates a valuable opportunity for brands to reach new audiences on YouTube and partner with creators to amplify their message. Over the years, we’ve seen branded content grow on YouTube, thanks to the direct connection creators have with their fans. In fact, the influencer marketing industry as a whole is projected to reach $ 15 billion by 2022.

Given the success our brands and creators have seen with branded content on YouTube, we are evolving FameBit to YouTube BrandConnect.

What YouTube BrandConnect offers

Through YouTube BrandConnect, we’re making it easier for creators and brands to create branded content that is both authentic and effective. Our focus will continue to be supporting and driving revenue to creators, providing measurable campaigns for brands, and reaching viewers with authentic and relevant content. We’ve built unique, industry-first features within our branded content platform to support each of these goals.

On the creator side, we’ve developed insights-based matchmaking tools that allow more access to branded content deals for eligible creators across YouTube. Because of the connection that creators have with their fans, our proactive matchmaking produces highly engaging and relevant branded content. And it’s working – over the past two years, average deal size across the full service product grew more than 260%.

YouTube creators have a real-time pulse on their community and have the flexibility to pivot their content to serve audience (and brand) needs, something we’re seeing firsthand right now. For example, the Reese’s brand’s March Madness campaign took a turn when the annual basketball tournament was cancelled due to the pandemic. Creators including 2Hype, Smosh Pit, and Eh Bee Family were able to adapt their previously-shot content to still bring a relevant vibe to fans at home, while driving strong consumer engagement and awareness for Reese’s Miniature Cups newly designed packaging, which was perfect for a stay-at-home game of couch basketball.

For brands, we’ve added new measurement solutions like Brand Interest Lift, Influencer Lift, and organic view-through conversations that provide them with real-time campaign results and bring the accountability of digital advertising to branded content campaigns. Brand Interest Lift allows advertisers to measure consumer search behavior resulting from viewing the creator’s video, and Influencer Lift measures consumer sentiment on Purchase Intent, Brand Recall, and more. Through Google insights and tools, it is possible for brands to measure the impact and ROI of influencer marketing for the first time on YouTube.

We’ve also introduced several ads technology innovations such as the shopping shelf and app shelf to help viewers buy products and download apps being discussed in creators’ videos directly from the watch page. This will soon expand to a new media shelf, where viewers can buy or rent movies and shows. We’ve also introduced new technologies like the AR try-on experience that allow viewers to virtually try on and shop products, alongside their favorite creators.

Eligible creators in the U.S. with 25,000+ subscribers will be able to sign up for YouTube BrandConnect directly in YouTube Studio, where we’ll be adding more campaign management features in the coming months. With YouTube BrandConnect, brands can easily connect and measure branded content campaigns with their Google and YouTube advertising strategies – allowing for full-funnel influencer marketing integrations.

Looking forward with YouTube BrandConnect

We’re always looking for new ways to help creators earn more money, and we’ve added additional resources to help creators get started making branded content on Creator Academy. We’ll continue investing in our technology and expanding internationally to bring new experiences to creators, brands and their fans globally. This is just the beginning for YouTube BrandConnect, and we’re excited to bring even more value to creators, brands, and viewers through branded content campaigns in the months ahead.

Lori Sobel, Global Business Head of YouTube BrandConnect

Henry Scott-Green, Product Manager at YouTube BrandConnect

YouTube Blog

Guinness reinstates Billy ‘King of Kong’ Mitchell’s world records

Billy "Video Game Player of the Century" Mitchell has been vindicated. Today, Guinness World Records reinstated the Donkey Kong and Pac-Man records that were stripped from Mitchell in 2018. Once again, Mitchell holds the first perfect score on Pac-Ma…
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Amazon Fire Toolbox app revamps Fire tablets with Google services and other customisations

A new ADB tool allows users to unlock the full potential of Amazon’s budget Fire tablets with Google apps and services, custom launchers and lockscreen wallpapers, and much more. Amazon has been offering customers extremely budget-conscious tablets for years with their ‘Fire‘ line, offering usable performance at bargain prices, with one major drawback to achieve […]

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Microsoft will resume optional non-security Windows 10 updates in July

Microsoft will soon start rolling out non—security updates again, just as the world starts loosening lockdown orders and we all get used to a new normal. The tech giant paused optional Windows updates back in March in response to the pandemic, so it…
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NHS COVID-19 tracing app is now widely available in the UK

The app designed to help handle contact tracing in the UK is now widely available. The COVID-19 tracing app is up for download on the Play Store, and should work once you put in the correct zip code. UK COVID-19 tracing This app was originally launched for testing back in May before having a couple […]

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The official Premier League app is now available on Huawei’s AppGallery

Soccer Football fans have suffered through more than three-months of COVID-19 lockdown, having to make do with watching matches from previous seasons just to maintain their sanity but today is the day that many of us have been waiting for – the return of the English Premier League. To celebrate the restart of the EPL […]

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Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 690 chipset aims to bring 5G to budget phones

After MediaTek announced its intention to make 5G more accessible with its new Dimensity 820 chipset, it was only a matter of time before Qualcomm unveiled its own take on an affordable 5G chip. The Snapdragon 690 5G, as it is called, features an integrated Snapdragon X51 5G modem and is the first 6-series chip […]

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OnePlus Game Space adds even more features with Game Statistics and Instant Gaming

OnePlus just recently updated their Game Space app to enhance the gaming experience on phones going all the way back to the OnePlus 6. It’s getting a little better with yet another update, too. OnePlus Game Space The Game Space app, currently available on the Play Store, will get two new features with its newest […]

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Google Duo 32-person video calling is now live on the web

Google Duo is getting a little bit better for big friend groups today. The extremely expanded video calling feature is finally rolling out today, at least on some platforms. This feature was especially exciting during a time when most people are still trying to practice social distancing and self-quarantining to stay safe during a pandemic, […]

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[Deal] At $999, Motorola’s Razr folding smartphone finds its niche as a knock-off Galaxy Z Flip

When it comes to folding smartphones of the clamshell variety, you have two choices – Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip that has been warmly received by reviewers, and the Motorola Razr that tried to trade on nostalgia and got it wrong somehow. Anyhow, if the Razr is the foldable phone that revs your motor, you can […]

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Bear Witness, Take Action

Over the past few weeks, we have mourned the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade — and the other known and unknown victims of racial terror and violence. These killings occurred against the backdrop of a global pandemic that disproportionately ravaged the Black community and surfaced entrenched racial inequities. In our anguish, we have taken to the streets in protest — in every state and around the globe — to demand the dismantling of systemic racism in society.

On Saturday, June 13, Common and Keke Palmer hosted a conversation called “Bear Witness, Take Action” to create a virtual space. It raised awareness on the urgent need for racial justice, and supported the Equal Justice Initiative. It featured conversations with creators including Jouelzy and Ambers Closet; prominent activists including co-founders of Black Lives Matter; Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors; Bryan Stevenson, founder of Equal Justice Initiative; bestselling author Roxane Gay; journalist Soledad O’Brien; and powerful musical performances from John Legend, Trey Songz, Brittany Howard and many more important voices.
“I think we are at a huge inflection point.” – Rashad Robinson, President of Color of Change
“This is a time when we can actually make some ground” – Kimberlé Crenshaw, Executive Director of the African American Policy Forum and Professor of Law at UCLA and Columbia.

The effort to combat racial inequality will take continued work from all of us. Last week, Susan Wojcicki shared YouTube’s commitment to the Black community, and we will continue those efforts in the months and years ahead.

These are some ways that you can take action to end police violence against Black Americans and promote a more equitable world for all people:


Learn about policies and proposed changes like those available via The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights or Center for Policing Equity. Learn about the history and struggle for racial justice through resources like those available at the Equal Justice Initiative. Learn about actions you can take in your community now at Imagine Justice. For those who seek to be better allies, learn more about anti-racism using resources like those available at Racial Equity Tools.


Check out the YouTube Spotlight playlists for videos on these topics:

Check out these feature films and series that have been made available free to watch and rent on YouTube:

Speak up

Use your platform to call out racial injustice, and share the message of equality to educate those around you. Maybe your platform is the dinner table, maybe it’s bedtime stories, maybe it’s your YouTube Channel. Use it!


Turn your voice into action with your vote.

— The YouTube Team

YouTube Blog

Lego Super Mario is a charming attempt at real-life ‘Mario Maker’

Lego is no stranger to video game collaborations. The legendary brick maker has already developed sets based on Mojang's Minecraft phenomenon and Blizzard’s popular Overwatch shooter, for instance. The company’s upcoming Mario range is a little diffe…
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Fitbit app hints at Google Assistant integration, because duh

Alphabet scooped up Fitbit a few months ago, but so far we haven’t really seen much come out of that. To be fair to both Alphabet/Google and Fitbit, though, a global pandemic is pretty good at delaying plans, and the entire ordeal is still pending federal approval. But that doesn’t mean things aren’t happening in […]

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US lets companies work with Huawei on 5G standards

The US is bending its hardline stance on Huawei… if only very slightly. The Commerce Department has instituted a rule allowing American companies to participate in developing standards where Huawei is involved, such as 5G wireless, AI and self-driv…
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Grab an Amazon Kindle for $65 in time for Father’s Day

If you're scrambling to find something to give your dad for Father's Day, why not encourage them to read more by grabbing them an e-reader? Amazon has discounted its base model Kindle by $ 25, making it currently $ 65. You can also get the ad-free vers…
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Samsung Galaxy A51 review: Doctor, there’s a fly in this ointment

With the mid-range segment more crowded than ever before, we thought it was time to take a look at a phone that will likely sell in big numbers across the world; Samsung’s Galaxy A51. With a restrained but still attractive design, the A51 features quadruple rear cameras, an AMOLED display with a centrally located punch-hole […]

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[Deal] Grab a 15-20% saving on accessories with Satechi’s Father’s Day Sale

It’s Father’s Day on June 21st and to celebrate it Satechi is holding a sale where you can save at least 15% on anything in its inventory of accessories. With a range of products available ranging from USB-C cables, docks, and other charging accessories to monitor mounts, peripherals, audio gear, presentation clickers, and more. There’s […]

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Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Chromebook review: Everyday champion

Lenovo’s latest entry in the Chromebook market is the IdeaPad Flex 5. It promises a better experience than some cheaper Chromebooks thanks to a better design and higher-end hardware, and we had a chance to test drive one a little early. The selling point here is that you’re getting more capable hardware for a bit […]

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Get a Lenovo Smart Clock for $40 at Best Buy

Remember when you could check the time in the middle of the night without grabbing your phone and getting sucked into a vortex of work email and Twitter notifications? Lenovo has a good solution: the company’s Smart Clock is now $ 40 at Best Buy, a $ 2…
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The ‘Resident Evil’ series has sold over 100 million copies

Capcom just reached a major milestone for itself and the survival horror genre: the developer has sold (via PC Gamer) over 100 million copies of Resident Evil games since the franchise kicked off in 1996. It didn’t break down the sales by series, but…
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Google is knocking $10 off any game for all current and previous Stadia Pro users

If you’ve had your eye on any particular game on Google Stadia, now might be the time to pick it up. Google is offering a $ 10 discount on any game in the Stadia store for a huge amount of users, with the only catch that your account has to be a Pro subscriber, even if […]

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite in the works

It appears that Samsung are working on the follow up to the S10 Lite with an S20 Lite that is known as the S20 ‘Fan Edition’ at Samsung. A report by SamMobile claims that the S20 Lite is a go from Samsung. This could prove popular as the S10 Lite allowed consumers to have a […]

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Yes, ‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ for PS5 is a standalone game

Yesterday’s PlayStation 5 showcase packed a strong lineup of AAA and independently developed games destined for the console, but the Spider-Man: Miles Morales reveal got some of the strongest reactions. Later, some comments from a Sony exec published…
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EA officially announces ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ following leak

Following a leak on the Xbox website Friday, it seemed that EA was preparing to reveal its next Star Wars game. The publisher didn’t wait too long after that to officially announce Star Wars: Squadrons. Pilots Wanted. Tune in for the reveal trailer…
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NVIDIA GeForce Now expands its support to more Android TV models

NVIDIA GeForce Now is NVIDIA’s pretty fully-featured game streaming competitor to Google Stadia. It’s been in beta for a very long time, and launched to a ton of positive media reception. But that launch high didn’t last long, as tons of games and publishers pulled from the service and have taken the wind out of […]

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Susan Wojcicki: My mid-year update to the YouTube community

Several times a year, CEO Susan Wojcicki updates users and creators on YouTube’s priorities. This Letter addresses initiatives to support the Black community, the impact of COVID-19, and how YouTube is working on behalf of creators.

In the last few months, we’ve experienced enormous tragedy and loss.

As people around the world have felt the devastating impact of the COVID-19 crisis, they’ve dealt with illness, loneliness, unemployment, and juggled added responsibilities with kids at home.

And over the past few weeks, we’ve grieved together as the Black community has endured more senseless acts of racial terror and violence. We know that for many, tragedies like these are a persistent reminder of the harm caused by systemic racism. They also compound the toll of the pandemic, which disproportionately impacted Black and Brown communities in the U.S. and abroad.

At YouTube, we believe Black lives matter and we all need to do more to dismantle systemic racism. We join in protest against the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others before them.

The painful events of this year have reminded us of the importance of human connection and the need to continue to strengthen human rights around the world.

Our platform has been a place where people come together since YouTube first launched 15 years ago. And in the midst of uncertainty, creators continue to share stories that might not otherwise be heard while also building online communities.

Supporting the Black community

We have always been proud that we are a platform that celebrates a broad and diverse set of voices. And we have implemented many policies and product features to protect our communities.

But we recognize we need to do more, in particular with the Black community, and that is why we are committing to following actions.

Amplifying Black voices

We’re committed to doing better as a platform to center and amplify Black voices and perspectives.

  • Today, we’re announcing a multi-year $ 100 million fund dedicated to amplifying and developing the voices of Black creators and artists and their stories.
  • And one example of the type of content we’d like to elevate on the platform will premiere this Saturday, June 13. We’ll host a live stream fundraising event produced by YouTube Originals (YTO), “Bear Witness, Take Action.” The YTO will bring together creators, artists, influential public figures and prominent activist voices for roundtable discussions and musical performances, with donations benefiting the Equal Justice Initiative.
  • Through the month of June, our Spotlight channel will highlight racial justice issues, including the latest perspectives from the Black community on YouTube alongside historical content, educational videos, and protest coverage. This content showcases incredibly important stories about the centuries-long fight for equity.

Protection from hate and harassment

We’ve taken many steps over the years to help protect diverse communities from hate and harassment across the platform, including Black creators and artists. And last year, we developed more stringent hate speech and harassment policies. Our updated hate speech policy specifically bans videos alleging that a group is superior based on qualities like race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation in order to justify discrimination, segregation or exclusion.

As a result of these changes and our ongoing enforcement, last quarter alone we removed over 100,000 videos and 100 million comments for hate and harassment.

That said, we know there’s more work to do.

Building on our work over the past several years, we’re taking this moment to examine how our policies and products are working for everyone ⁠— but specifically for the Black community ⁠— and close any gaps. And more broadly, we will work to ensure Black users, artists, and creators can share their stories and be protected from hateful, white supremacist, and bullying content.

Generations of Black Americans have been waiting for justice in the United States, and we know the effect of inequality is felt around the world.

I’m committed to listening — to Black employees at YouTube, to Black creators, to Black artists, to leaders in the Black community, and to Black users who tune in to YouTube every day.

There is much work to do to advance racial equity in the long-term, and these efforts will continue in the months and years ahead.

Connecting people with useful information, responsibly

Over the past few months, another top priority has been connecting people to trusted information as the coronavirus pandemic spread around the globe. Our teams started by engaging with public health officials in more than 90 countries so they could make locally relevant information available, which we display on our homepage and in panels that appear on videos and in search results about COVID-19. Collectively, these panels have been shown more than 200 billion times.

YouTube also launched a dedicated COVID-19 news shelf, with videos from health authorities and news organizations, in more than 30 countries around the world. We’ve found that when people come to YouTube searching for coronavirus topics, on average 94 percent of the videos they see in the top 10 results come from high authority channels. We think this is important progress, even as we keep working to bring that number higher.

In addition to raising up trusted information, we have also been focused on combating harmful medical misinformation. We’re consulting on an ongoing basis with health authorities like the WHO and local organizations like the CDC, the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, and India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, as well as expert medical and public health professionals, to design policies based on the latest science. We updated our policies to prohibit content with harmful medical information, for example saying the virus is a hoax or claiming there is a guaranteed cure. To date, we’ve removed over 200,000 videos for violating these policies.

We also understand the importance of representing a broad set of voices in the public debate. There are a range of opinions on topics like how governments respond to the crisis, when and how we should reopen economies, and criticism of health authorities and government officials. We want to ensure these important discussions continue on the platform, even as we work to combat misinformation.

Creators also have an important role to play in helping connect people to useful information. Forty high-profile creators have spoken with leading health officials, including Dr. Jaime Sepúlveda’s Spanish-language interviews with creators and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s conversations with Trevor Noah, Dr. Mike, Lilly Singh, Phil DeFrancoDr. Regina Benjamin and Dr. Georges Benjamin also spoke with Black creators about the impact of COVID-19 on the Black community. These creator interviews have been seen in more than 160 countries and received more than 43 million views.

And more than 700 creators and artists joined YouTube’s #withme PSA campaign, encouraging users to stay home and highlighting important messages about how to stop the virus.

These public service announcements are reaching people around the world – they’ve received over three billion impressions.

Thank you to all of our creators who led the way with this initiative.


YouTube has always been a key learning resource, but we are now seeing a record amount of engagement. The average daily views of videos with homeschooling in the title have more than tripled globally in the last three months.

As students began learning from home, some of the first events we featured on Learn@Home were live streams hosted by The College Board to help high school students prepare for Advanced Placement tests in May. The response exceeded our expectations – the videos from the first day of live streaming have received more than 700,000 views. And students preparing for AP exams through the daily live streams received unexpected support from Lin-Manuel Miranda, who recently hosted a special edition U.S. History master class.

Creators have launched live stream series to help students of all ages stay motivated to learn at home, from Khan Academy to Mark Rober to 3Blue1Brown. And we’ve seen new read-alongs for children, like PBS Kids with Michelle Obama and Dolly Parton’s weekly Goodnight with Dolly.

And students are even finding ways to keep up with physical education on YouTube by tuning in to daily shows like PE with Joe or taking a dance break with KIDZ BOP.

Enabling online connections and communities

In our house, kids aren’t just learning online, they’re also virtually celebrating holidays, birthdays, and even hosting sleepovers with their friends.

We’re finding new ways to connect, and at YouTube, we’re seeing communities bringing people together online.

People are using live streams at a much higher rate, with live watchtime on TV screens up over 250 percent year-over-year on YouTube globally during the height of stay at home measures around the world.

Live streams are also helping us capture moments that otherwise would have been lost, like graduation ceremonies. To mark this key milestone, we developed an online #DearClassof2020 commencement headlined by President Barack Obama and featuring Lady Gaga, Dude Perfect, Jackie Aina, The Try Guys, Malala Yousafzai, former Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and Google’s own Sundar Pichai.

Creators have also stepped in to support global relief efforts, like jacksepticeye’s live stream #HopeFromHome, which raised money for the United Way. Creators in the United Kingdom came together for Stream #WithMe, a live fundraiser benefiting NHS. And artists and creators joined One Love Asia, a concert benefiting UNICEF.

To enable the YouTube community to have even more impact, this year we’ve expanded the access to our donate button from 1,500 eligible channels to more than 40,000, allowing more creators to easily engage their audiences on causes they care about.

Welcoming new creativity

Even during these incredibly difficult times, we’re seeing unprecedented creativity from our creative community. Because creators are experts at filming to suit any style, from high-production to garage studios, they were able to quickly adapt and make content that reflected our new reality, from yoga for stress release to quarantine routines.

And artists are bringing fans together online and making YouTube a virtual concert venue. Bands like the Rolling Stones, Radiohead, and the Grateful Dead are releasing live concert footage every week, giving fans something to look forward to while staying at home. Brazilian singer Marília Mendonça hosted a live stream concert on YouTube from her home last month, and the video has been viewed more than 20 million times.

We’re also welcoming cultural institutions that are creating or expanding their YouTube channels, giving audiences the chance to tune in to legendary performances from The Bolshoi Ballet, weekly releases of Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals on The Shows Must Go On, and Shakespeare plays streamed by The Globe Theatre.

And there’s been a rise in new formats for content during quarantine. We’ve seen YouTube’s first virtual fashion show and a streaming global film festival.

Gaming creators are also drawing new audiences. Travis Scott leveraged the power of the popular game Fortnite to perform unreleased music to viewers around the globe without ever leaving his house. Viewers tuned in live to streams from Flakes Power, Muselk, Avxry, Valkyrae and other gaming creators, with all four experiences garnering 100 million views on YouTube.

Thank you to all the creators and organizations who are releasing new content during this time, from tips for working at home to DIY advice from a dad who launched a YouTube channel to answer questions like how to hang a shelf or unclog a drain.

Whether your views are in the hundreds or in the millions, you’re making the world a little brighter for someone watching from home.

YouTube creator updates

As creators rose to meet the challenges of the pandemic, they also faced obstacles along the way. We know the uncertainty of the past few months has been hard and our team is working to provide support. In March, we adjusted our policy to enable ads for content from creators and news organizations discussing the coronavirus.

Given fluctuations with the advertising market, we are encouraging creators to also invest in other forms of monetization to grow and diversify their revenue. Since the beginning of March, we saw over two million viewers support creators by purchasing their first Super Chat, Super Sticker or membership on YouTube.

The number of creators earning the majority of their YouTube revenue from memberships and paid digital goods is up 40 percent since January.

And with more artists now going live on YouTube, we recently announced that we’ll be extending the availability of Super Chat and Super Stickers to more artist channels.

This year we’ve also worked to give creators more control over monetization decisions and to provide transparency with our policies by expanding Self Certification to all creators in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). With Self-Certification, creators tell us what’s in their video and how it complies with our ad-friendly guidelines.

In the past few weeks, you may have heard questions raised about Section 230, a regulation in United States law that allows YouTube to be an open platform while protecting the community from harmful content, like content that incites violence or endangers children. We believe undermining Section 230 would impact our ability to protect our users and would also significantly limit content from a wide range of creators across the political spectrum who have a voice on our platform. Such a change might require online services like YouTube to “over-filter” content, making it more difficult for creators to share breaking news, create learning content, expose injustice, and amplify a diversity of voices and opinions.

We’ll continue to work on your behalf to explain how eroding 230 would harm the creator ecosystem globally.

Mental health

YouTube creators have long been known for their authenticity, and I appreciate how creators have openly shared how hard it is to create content as we navigate new challenges. It’s important for all of us to make our mental health and wellbeing a top priority.

People come to YouTube every day looking for information and resources, and we realize we have a tremendous opportunity to shine a light on various health issues.

Over the last few months, we’ve seen a 45 percent increase in views of meditation videos and a growing popularity of mindfulness and wellbeing content.

Our teams also recently expanded the tools available to users to help prioritize wellbeing. We’ve added a new bedtime reminder, in addition to our “take a break” option, to help viewers manage their time on YouTube.

And through our Get By #WithMe campaign, we’ve partnered with creators to spotlight videos like Why Support Helps with Kati Morton. Creators like Kati are helping educate and reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

The past few months have been incredibly challenging, and we still have a long road ahead of us. But even in these difficult circumstances, I’m finding glimmers of hope every day on YouTube – your passion and creativity have been inspiring.

Thank you for all the ways you’re coming together to support one another, and for all the ways you’re giving back.

You’re reminding us to look for the good, even when so many things about life feel out of order.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Whether you’re connecting with people on YouTube across your city or across the world, your voices are coming together to make a difference.

Susan Wojcicki

YouTube Blog

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10 memorable quotes from ‘Dear Class of 2020’

Yesterday afternoon, YouTube virtually gathered for a star-studded event called “Dear Class of 2020” — an online graduation special. It’s a strange and hard time to be entering this new stage of life, but each speaker delivered a unique message of hope to the next generation of leaders. There were tributes, there were performances and moments of surprise-and-delight planted throughout. (Hint: You’ll hear an arrangement from Finneas O’Connell, plus an appearance from a classic, animated American sitcom.) From the Obamas to Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, the over four-hour event also peppered in celebrity powerhouses like J.Lo and Mariah Carey.

“Dear Class of 2020” definitely can’t replace the feeling of physically walking across a stage to receive your diploma, but it was memorable. The 10 following quotes left more than an impression on us. These words will be ringing in our heads in the days to come, as we ready ourselves for the second half of 2020.

  1. President Barack Obama: “America changed — has always changed — because young people dared to hope. As someone once said, “Hope is not a lottery ticket. It’s a hammer for us to use in a national emergency to break the glass, sound the alarm and sprint into action.” 
  2. Beyoncé: “Look how far you’ve come and how much you’ve contributed. Keep pushing. Forget the fear. Forget the doubt. Keep investing and keep betting on yourself.”
  3.  Jimmy Kimmel: “I know this is a lousy time to enter the real world, but years from this, you will have what few people do: a cool story. Know what year I graduated high school? 1985. You know the most interesting thing that happened in 1985 was? “Police Academy 2,” ‘kay? Look it up. But when you tell people the year you graduated, everyone will be super interested, they’ll wanna know what was it like? Did you live underground? Did you used to touch hands with each other? Who did you take to the prom: your mom or your dad? Did the president really tell people to drink bleach?”
  4. Alicia Keys: “You, my friends, you are graduates in the most powerful time to be coming of age. And there’s nothing and no one that can stop you from changing the world. I see you. You’re unstoppable. We honor you and celebrate you.” 
  5. “You will prevail.” — Sundar Pichai (Read his transcripted speech here.)
  6. Michelle Obama: “In an uncertain world, time-tested values like honesty and integrity, empathy and compassion — that’s the only real currency in life.” 
  7. Liza Koshy: “You should also know you’re not alone. You’ve got a lot of company. And being stuck at home meant you had to find creative new ways to celebrate, which made #DearClassof2020 really blow up.”
  8. Stephen Colbert: “I have no doubt you will be the heroes of so many who have not yet been born. And years from now, if you have the good fortune to hold your own child’s face in your hands and tell them how proud you are of them, you’ll understand how we feel about you right now. And they’ll wonder how you did what you are about to go do.” 
  9. Malala Yousafzai: “Don’t be defined by what you’re losing during this crisis, but by how you respond to it.” 
  10. Sec. Condoleezza Rice: “You are the next generation of Americans who will fight for what is right, and one day make impossible seem inevitable.”

— The YouTube Team

YouTube Blog