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Bragi asks court to block sales of OnePlus ‘Dash’ products

Bragi isn't willing to wait for the court to resolve its dispute over OnePlus' use of the word "Dash." The audio device maker has filed for a preliminary injunction that would block OnePlus from using the Dash name in association with its products w…
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Anne Frank Center asks Facebook to remove Holocaust denial pages

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is calling out Facebook for allowing Holocaust denial pages on its site. And the center is doing so through a petition in which it's requesting Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg take them down. "When these page…
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Facebook survey asks users if it is ‘good for the world’

Facebook has scrambled to win back trust after the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the leaked 'ugly truth' memo. The company has made it easier for users to delete their data, dump third-party apps in bulk and started rolling out news verification to…
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Qualcomm asks Samsung to supply all the Snapdragon 820 chips

The Snapdragon 820 processor is set to power many of the major smartphones released in 2016, and according to the latest reports, Qualcomm has exclusively tasked Samsung to build the chips.

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