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The biggest news from IFA 2018

We're wrapping up our coverage of IFA 2018, and things just seemed… quieter in comparison to last year. There were next to no new wearable announcements, plenty of mid-range phones, but only one premium smartphone. Meanwhile, PCs followed the…
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China is now the biggest producer of solar energy

You probably don't think of China as a clean energy champion given its frequent problems with smog and continued dependence on coal power, but you may have to rethink your views after today. The country's National Energy Administration has revealed t…
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Planet Earth might be the biggest loser under President Trump

Deny it all he wants, Donald Trump did in fact tweet that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese to damage American manufacturing. But, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say that since 2012 his opinion on the matter has evolved…
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The biggest news from Google I/O won’t matter until this fall

Google I/O, the company's massive annual developer event, has wrapped up for 2016. As usual, CEO Sundar Pichai and a host of the company's executives gave the world a look at what it's planning for the next year. Unfortunately, we'll need to wait to…
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Final Cut Pro X helps small company delight world’s biggest clients

When Trim Editing started creating music videos over a decade ago, just paying the rent was a huge accomplishment. Now, the small East London company is crafting award-winning visuals for big brands — like Audi, Nike, Adidas, and Guinness — propelled by the power of Final Cut Pro X. The video editing software’s comprehensive features allow Trim Editing to organize film and audio clips, pull together compelling projects, and make changes on the fly. “When I’m playing back an edit for a director, they’ll say, ‘Okay, let’s go and make those changes I talked about.’ I’ll say, ‘Oh, no, they’re already done,’ and we’ll jump back and watch it again. People can’t believe that I’ve magically done the change before we even finish playback,” says editor Thomas Grove Carter.
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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is the UK’s biggest ever film

We knew that Star Wars: The Force Awakens would be a popular film, but the sheer speed at which it's breaking box office records has still taken us by surprise. It's now the biggest movie in UK history, raking in a whopping £104 million after 2…
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The new ‘Star Wars’ is the biggest North American movie to date

You knew it was just a matter of time before Star Wars: The Force Awakens broke some of the truly huge movie records, and that's starting to happen this week. As of sometime on January 6th (likely by the time you read this), TFA will become the high…
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As tech’s biggest names descend on Berlin for IFA 2015, here’s what we’ll see

IFA, the biggest tech show in Europe is about to kickoff in Berlin, Germany. Here’s everything we expect to see at the show from Samsung, Sony, LG, Asus, Microsoft, Intel, and more. TVs, phones, wearables, and the smartphone will power the show.

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Biggest year ever for big game ads on YouTube

This year’s football season might be done and dusted, but the battle for most popular big game ad is still in play. To see how trends have played out in the days since the game, we took a look at the top trending videos, facts, and stats about big game ads on YouTube.

We found that viewership is growing faster than before – people have watched more big game ads and teasers in the first six weeks of 2015 than all 52 weeks of 2014. More than 7M hours of big game ads and teasers have been watched on YouTube, up from 6.3M hours for all of 2014.


Liam cinches his “Revenge”

One of the surprise hits this week was Clash of Clan’s “Revenge” ad featuring Liam Neeson. The spot gained over 20M views this week alone and now clocks in at more than 30M views, making it the most viewed big game ad on YouTube so far. Here’s a look at viewership of game day ads over time, from a report by Pixability:

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 4.41.40 PM.png
(Source: Pixability report “Super Bowl Ads on YouTube,” February 5)

Beards and selfies infiltrate top trending ads
As expected, puppies and celebrities dominated the top trending ads on YouTube. But there were also some lesser-reported trends that spanned across the top game day ads. We found that:

  • Half of the top 10 ads featured men with beards
  • 21 different types of animals (animated or otherwise) made an appearance
  • Two ads had people taking selfies
  • Two ads featured no dialogue at all
  • One: the total number of “Angry Neesons”

Here’s a list of the top trending game day ads on YouTube (based on views as of 2/6):


There are still three more days to cast your vote for your favorite ad of the game. Visit our AdBlitz channel to cast your ballot before voting ends on February 9 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Kellen Spadafore, Insights at Google, recently watched “Super Bowl XLIX: Patriots vs. Seahawks highlights.”

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Android M Hands-On: A first look at the biggest new features

We take a quick look at the recently released Android M developer preview. Highlights are a new app drawer, improved permissions management, and tweaked volume controls.

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10 biggest announcements at Google I/O 2015

Google’s 2015 I/O Keynote wasn’t packed with flash, but it did offer some solid improvements on the company’s platform and a few surprises. Here’s the 10 highlights you have to know about.

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