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FCC plans broadband expansion to over 100,000 rural homes and businesses

The Federal Communications Commission announced today that it will expand broadband internet services to more than 106,000 rural homes and businesses across 43 states. Nine states — Arkansas, Arizona, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Sou…
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UK to let Brits tear up broadband contracts over slow speeds

There are so many factors that can affect home broadband speeds, the "up to" figures providers like to throw around are tantamount to guesswork. UK telecoms regulator Ofcom isn't a great fan of inaccurate claims, so it's forcing ISPs to change how th…
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Colorado voters really want city-run broadband service

Internet access and quality varies widely depending on where you live in the US. There's a huge rural broadband gap that the FCC, companies like Microsoft and the Trump administration have said they'd like to close in the coming years and as Clevelan…
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UK broadband customers also affected by Yahoo hack

Yahoo might not be quite as big in the UK as it is in the US, but that doesn't mean the shockwaves from the company's enormous hack won't be felt on the both sides of the Atlantic. In total, 500 million users were affected by the 2014 breach, which w…
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Get ready to stream Netflix, Hulu on flights with next-gen satellite broadband

A number of companies are heating up the in-flight broadband service industry with next-generation solutions that provide faster speeds. For consumers, it would allow access to streaming services and other high-bandwidth applications.

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