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Sprint officially turns on their mobile 5G network in several cities

Sprint has officially entered the 5G market, turning on their new and upgraded network in a few places around the US. This is just the start of their 2019 plans to have 5G turned on in several new cities, and should be a big boost in coverage and speeds for anyone in one of those […]

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Ransomware attacks in US cities are using a stolen NSA tool

The ransomware attacks in Baltimore and other US cities appear to have a common thread: they're using NSA tools on the agency's home soil. In-the-know security experts talking to the New York Times said the malware in the cyberattacks is using the NS…
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London is lending its Tube payment tech to other cities

The London Underground is renowned for its iconic stations and world famous Tube map. However, millions of travellers have also come to rely on its technological expertise, which includes the ability to swipe in and out of barriers with a bank card,…
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Moovit’s Bike Share integration goes live in over 110 cities worldwide


Cities in every part of the world have systems that allow people to rent bicycles to travel from place-to-place. The benefits vary for everyone, but I think it’s best if you’d like to avoid mass transit and enjoy the city around you. My recent trip to New York City proved to me that a lot of people really take advantage of Citi Bike, the United States’ largest bike sharing system. At each block, someone was coming down the street on one of these rented bikes. So it’s clearly becoming a rising form of transportation. Moovit, the local transit app that started focusing on smaller means of travel, is proud to announce Bike Share integration in more than 100 cities worldwide.

Moovit’s addition of Bike Share means that you don’t have to jump between apps in order to rent a bike and get pedaling around a city. Directions to the bike sharing hub are provided in the same nature that Moovit gets you to any other place.


Here’s how to use Moovit’s Bike Share:

  1. Find the preferred location on the map and see the number of available bikes noted on the map icon
  2. Tap the icon to review either the number of available bikes to ride, or the number of empty slots for locations to which users want to return your bike
  3. Tap Get Directions and Moovit will provide step-by-step to the bike

Over twenty-five new cities are also being added to Moovit. Mumbai (India), Stuttgart (Germany), Patra (Greece), Clermont-Ferrand (France), Andorra la Vella (Andorra), Puebla & Mérida (México), Apucarana, Parnaíba, Caxias do Sul & Campina Grande (Brazil), Ferrol, Toledo, Murcia, Logroño (Spain) and fourteen Canadian cities are included in the update. So you can travel in almost 1,000 cities worldwide and join the 28 million people that are already using Moovit.

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