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[TA Deals] Pay what you want for the Learn to Code 2018 bundle

It’s never a bad time to kickstart your professional coding career, and right now you can score a deep discount on a bundle that’ll take you through a programming crash course. You can pay what you want to get started, too. The bundle covers Python, JavaScript, C#, full stack web development, and even touches on […]

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Watch Andy Rubin talk about Essential at the Code Conference

Essential’s Andy Rubin will speak about his new company and phone tonight at the Code Conference 2017. Today’s a big day for Essential. With the introduction of the Essential Phone, we’re seeing what mobile industry masterminds are able to produce together. Rubin hired talent from Google, Apple, HTC, and other companies to create this device. […]

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Allo 9.0 update contains code for several unreleased features

Google started updating Allo to version 9.0 recently and those diving into the code for the app found evidence of several features that are not yet enabled. The assumption is that Google will eventually make these available to users, possibly by throwing a server-side switch, but this is not guaranteed. There have been instances in […]

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Change is Made with Code

Cross-posted from the Official Google Blog

What would the world look like if only 20 percent of women knew how to write? How many fewer great books would there be? How many important stories would go unreported? How many innovations would we lose? How many brilliant women would be unable to fulfill their potential?

That’s not just a theoretical question. Today, only a small minority of women know how to write code. That limits their ability to participate in a growing part of our global economy. It limits their ability to affect change as entire industries are transformed by technology. And it limits their potential to impact millions of lives through the power of code.

To change this trajectory, we need to do all we can to inspire women and girls that learning to code is critical to creating a brighter future for everyone. That’s why I’m excited to share that, today, Google’s Made with Code, together with YouTube, is teaming up with the Global Citizen Festival and millions of teen girls to ignite a movement for young women to change the world through the power of code.

Over the last five years, millions of Global Citizens have influenced world leaders and decision makers, and contributed to shaping our world for the better. As we’ve seen this movement grow, we’ve learned about some incredible women who saw problems in their communities and realized that the biggest impact they could have was through computer science. They’ve used an interest in computer science and tech to help the homeless, stop sexual assault, and bridge the gender gap in technology – check out their stories here:


These women are doing big things, blazing a path for the next generation of girls, but they can’t do it alone. The vast potential around using code to improve the world cannot be realized if there are only a few voices influencing how it’s shaped. That’s why, today, we’re inviting teen girls everywhere to join the movement. Our new coding project gives young women a chance to make their voice heard by coding a statement about the change they want to see in the world.

This week, hundreds of thousands of girls from around the country have already used code to share their vision for a better, more inclusive, more equitable world:

These coded designs will be displayed onstage at the Global Citizen Festival, as symbols of the many different voices from teen girls, standing up for the change they want to see in the world.

Together with musicians, sisters, YouTube sensations and newly minted coders, Chloe x Halle, teen girls are getting their start in code

Our efforts go well beyond this project. Made with Code is joining forces with Iridescent and UN Women to support the launch of the Technovation Challenge 2017 which gives girls the opportunity to build their own apps that tackle the real-life issues they see around them.

Please tune into the Global Citizen Festival livestream at on September 24 to catch all the action. And, more importantly, join us and encourage the young women in your life to try out coding and contribute their ideas for how to make a better future.

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eBay bug lets hackers embed malicious code into auction pages

Security firm Check Point Software has discovered an eBay vulnerability that gives attackers a way to use the website to phish unsuspecting users or to infect their devices. So long as attackers use a programming technique known as JSFUCK, they can b…
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[Deal] Save 20% on Skinit orders with our exclusive promo code!


Phones, tablets, and everything else we buy come in a limited variety of styles. Because not every company offers the same amount of customization as Motorola with Moto Maker, accessories are extremely valuable. Cases and skins are what make it possible to truly differentiate your device from any others. Skinit takes accessories and the personalizing of them to the next level by featuring unique designs and branding from the world’s top franchises. Even better is the ability to create custom cases with your personal pictures stamped onto them.

The people at Skinit, being the avid readers and fans of Talk Android they are, want to give you the opportunity to save on their cases and skins. So we’re estatic to tell you that you can save 20% on your order at Skinit by using a promo code that is exclusive to our supporters.


Skinit’s inventory is massive, spanning across practically everything you can think of. They cover professional and college sports teams, the Marvel Universe, DC Comics’ world, pop culture, lifestyle, art, patterns, textures, and artists. You can spend way more than a few minutes going through Skinit’s offerings.

Outside of cases and covers for phones and tablets, Skinit also designs for laptops, video game consoles, and controllers.

All you’ll need to save 20% on your order is this promo code: talkandroid20. Just use that and Skinit will know that you’re with us! Then you can enjoy saving money and await the arrival of your fancy new case or skin.


*Promo code expires on January 31, 2016; it cannot be used on gift cards or combined with other offers.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Juniper Networks finds backdoor code in its firewalls

One of the reasons corporate users and the privacy-minded rely on VPNs is to control access to their networks and (hopefully) not expose secrets over insecure connections. Today Juniper Networks revealed that some of its products may not have been li…
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Rewriting the code for girls in CS

When it comes to computer science, millions of girls are being left out of the conversation. Despite earning the majority of bachelor’s degrees in the U.S., women earn fewer than 20 percent of computer science degrees, with serious implications for our economy and for women at large.

The problem of getting girls more interested in tech has many sources, but according to Google’s own research, one of them is optics. Girls don’t see positive role models of other girls and women in popular culture. In a study of popular films in 11 countries, fewer than 20 percent of computer science or tech roles were held by women.

As someone who runs a company at the intersection of technology and media, I want to help change the perceptions of women and technology we see today. So, as part of our Made with Code and media perception initiatives, I’m excited that we’re supporting award-winning documentary filmmaker Lesley Chilcott—of “An Inconvenient Truth” and “Waiting for Superman” fame—on her next film, “CODEGIRL.”

“CODEGIRL” follows the story of 5,000 girls from 60 countries as they compete in a global entrepreneurship and coding competition by Technovation. The girls have three months to develop an app that attempts to solve a problem in their local community. In the film, they size up their competition, interact with teachers and local mentors, learn to code, and pitch their ideas all in hopes of winning $ 10,000 in funding and support.

Starting today and until November 5, Lesley’s film will be available for free on YouTube, before its theatrical debut in the next few weeks. You can watch the film below and use the hashtag #rallyforcodegirl to show your support.

Our goal is to inspire as many students as possible during this special five-day free viewing period before it hits theaters. With your help, we’ll be able to inspire more girls around the world to pursue their passions in tech.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, recently watched “American Kids Try Candy from Around the World – Episode 4.”

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Google opens up code for Chrome for Android


Google’s Chrome for Android development team has announced the mobile version of the Chrome browser is now “almost entirely open source.” The parts not open sourced include some media codecs, plugins, and Google service features that are restricted due to licensing issues. The team open sourced over 100,000 lines of code, including the entire user interface layer. For developers, this move means they can built their own versions of the browser for Android devices.

The mobile Android version of the browser now mirrors the desktop version in having the bulk of the code being open sourced. On the desktop, this has resulted in a variety of third-party web browsers being built. They range from the popular and relatively well-known Opera browser to lesser known variants like Vivaldi which targets developers.

Based on the ecosystem of browsers built for the desktop, users can expect to see a similar pattern develop for mobile platforms running Android, so keep an eye on the Play Store for new browsers.

source: OMG! Chrome!

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