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[Deal] These Hisense TV’s come with Roku or Android TV smarts and savings of up to $250

There’s nothing worse than watching the big game on a TV that’s on its last legs; poor sound, wonky controls, and an inconsistent picture can ruin the experience entirely. These deals on Hisense televisions with Roku or Android TV smarts, ranging in size from 32-inch to 75-inches, with big savings of up to $ 250 could […]

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Android at 10: Google’s mobile OS has come a long way

The mobile world is celebrating a momentous anniversary today: Android is ten years old. The T-Mobile G1 (and Android 1.0) made its debut on September 23rd, 2008, launching both a new operating system and a new era. It didn't look like much in those…
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DJI’s leaked Mavic 2 drone will come in ‘Pro’ and ‘Zoom’ versions

What little mystery surrounded DJI's upcoming Mavic 2 drone appears to have evaporated. Numerous UK residents have noticed that the latest Argos catalog includes a prominent ad for the Mavic 2 that reveals just about everything, including some clari…
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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ won’t come out in 2017 after all

Apparently, 2017 ain't big enough for Red Dead Redemption 2. The sequel is now slated to hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in spring 2018, rather than its initial release window of fall 2017. Rockstar Games announced the delay in a blog post, alongside…
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Synaptics’ new fingerprint sensors come in all shapes and sizes

Synaptics, the company behind touch-sensitive keyboards and laptop fingerprint sensors, announced a new series of phone scanners: The FS4600. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Pixel’s fingerprint gestures come to the Nexus 5X

Google's Pixel has an Android feature that enables you to swipe down on your phone's fingerprint sensor to open your notifications. The option made its debut with the Pixel, leaving Nexus owners wondering when they'd be able to join the party. Now, 9…
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India mandates all smartphones must come with a panic button

India has decreed that, from 2017, all phones must be sold with a panic button that lets users instantly alert the emergency services. A year later and all devices sold must also come with GPS as standard in order for authorities to quickly locate vi…
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Redditors rejoice! Reddit has finally come through with an official mobile app

About time! Reddit has finally launched its own official mobile app for Android and iOS. The new app will replace the Alien Blue Reddit reader, which was bought out by Reddit last year.

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A walk through Samsung’s mobile innovations: Phones have come a long way since 1988

At MWC 2016, Samsung created a museum of sorts, showcasing many of its biggest mobile tech innovations since 1988. Let’s take a stroll back through time to see the first mobile phone and smartwatch from Samsung.

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Come sail away with Garmin’s waterproof Quatix 3 smartwatch

There’s nothing too new with Garmin’s smart watch targeted towards marine enthusiasts, except that the company has merged features from the Fenix line, including smart notifications, and multisport activities.

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#SpecialDelivery: Google Spotlight Stories come to YouTube with interactive 360-degree storytelling

Editor’s note: This year, we’ve expanded the lens of what you can see on YouTube, transporting you to new places to see new things. We brought virtual reality (VR) features to YouTube’s Android app so that you can feel as though you are right there and 360-degree video support so creators can share new perspectives with their fans. Now we’re widening the lens even further by bringing you a new interactive video format, Google Spotlight Stories. For select Android devices now. More soon.

A humble caretaker is surprised when a mysterious stranger causes mischief on the roof. He investigates, but can’t seem to catch even a glimpse of the troublemaker. And so the chase goes… room to room… up and down… The stranger remains just out of sight, leaving behind only a trail of gifts…

Meanwhile, you’re following the action at your own pace, from whatever angle you please—behind you, to your left, to your right, or in front of you. All on your mobile phone.

Today we’re bringing Google Spotlight Stories to YouTube with “Special Delivery,” an original short film made by Academy Award-winning animation studio Aardman Animations (Wallace and Gromit fans, take note), viewable on the YouTube app on many Android devices.

“Special Delivery” is the latest of several Spotlight Stories to come out of Google ATAP (our Advanced Technology and Projects group). With Google Spotlight Stories, your phone becomes a window to a story happening all around you. The sensors on your phone allow the story to be interactive, so when you move your phone to various scenes, you unlock mini-stories within the story.

We didn’t want anyone to miss Aardman’s “Pink Panther”-style holiday caper! So we also made a YouTube 360 version for other Android devices, iOS devices, and the web. You can find both versions of “Special Delivery” on the Spotlight Stories YouTube channel, and you can also watch with Google Cardboard. Next year, we’ll bring Google Spotlight Stories to more Android devices and the YouTube iOS app.

You’ll want to watch “Special Delivery” a few times to find all the surprises within the story. In the full interactive experience, you’ll encounter 10 subplots, three potential ways to view the ending, and 60+ moments where you can decide to follow the story in different ways. Each viewing is unique. We don’t want to spoil the ending, so that’s all we’ll say for now…

Posted by Kurt Wilms, Senior Product Manager, YouTube VR, recently watched “Special Delivery,” and Rachid El Guerrab, Technical Project Lead, Spotlight Stories, Google ATAP, recently watched “Time Couch.”

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Android Wear update makes watch faces come to life

Google fans already rocking Android Wear will get an update this week that enables interactive watch faces. You can tap them to show more information or launch an app. The three watch faces released today include "Bits", which keeps the time displa…
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