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Selfie filters are driving new cosmetic surgery trends

Doctors have noticed a new trend: People want to change their body to look like their edited selfies. Specifically, they're referring to photos of themselves taken with apps like Snapchat and Facetune that apply filters to instantly touch-up their ap…
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Today’s Instagram update contains just small cosmetic changes


Earlier today, Instagram started pushing out a small update to users of its Android app. It includes just two small cosmetic changes that the average probably won’t even notice.


Notice anything?

If nothing jumped out from the screenshot above, I’ll just tell you what Instagram changed:

  • Icon for Instagram Direct, the feature that allows direct messaging between users, now sits within a circle of a lighter shade of blue
  • Timestamps have moved from the top of posts to beneath the comments section

In 2016, Instagram has been pretty active pushing out little updates like today’s in addition to implementing new features. Multi-account support came in February and Instagram started showing video views days shortly after. Then Instagram brought in two-factor authentication to enhance security for users worldwide.

Instagram actually started the year by hiring Twitter’s Kevin Weil as its Head of Product. Since then, the Facebook-owned service began cracking down on users who promote other social media profiles on Instagram.

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