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France isn’t ready to ban cyclists from cheating with motors

The pro cycling world may be cracking down on the use of hidden motors to cheat in races, but it doesn't look like governments are ready to make it a criminal offense. The French government has shot down a proposed law that would have made this "tec…
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LeEco’s Android-powered smart road bike is for hardcore cyclists

LeEco, the eccentric maker of TVs, phones, cars and bikes, has a new pair of high-end smart bikes to show off here at CES 2017. The company hasn't even brought its original Super Bike to market yet, but it's already refined the concept to make its ne…
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Volvo has relaunched its glow-in-the-dark spray for cyclists

Volvo introduced its glow-in-the-dark spray last year, but supplies were severely limited. This week it’s started selling it online for the first time, offering safety-conscious cyclists another way of standing out when they hit the streets at night.

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