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Nintendo Direct will show off Super Nintendo World on Friday

The US Super Nintendo World theme park is still a few years away from opening, but in Japan the Universal Studios expansion will open its doors in the spring. In lieu of going to see it yourself, you can get a look inside via a 15 minute live stream…

Watch Nintendo’s ‘Direct Mini: Partner Showcase’ at 10AM ET

After holding a surprise “Direct Mini” event in March, Nintendo has announced that it’s holding another one, albeit on a smaller scale. Once again, this is happening with very little notice — it’ll start this morning at 10 AM ET, to be exact. “On 7/2…
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YouTube is removing its direct messaging feature in September

YouTube's direct messaging feature isn't exactly Google's most popular way to chat, but it was a convenient way to share videos on the platform, especially on mobile. It probably wasn't used often enough, though, because the company has decided to ki…
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Instagram’s latest Stories sticker is a direct link to group chats

Instagram is introducing a new feature that will let users start private group messages around specific Stories. The company announced the change on Twitter today. Users will soon be able to add a "join chat" sticker to their Stories. If followers ta…
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Epic won’t be putting Fortnite on the Play Store, offering a direct download instead

By now you’ve probably heard the rumors that Fortnite will be launching alongside the Galaxy Note 9 in a few days, probably, but it turns out it might not be showing up on the Play Store that same day. Or ever, if Epic’s plans shake out. Instead of showing up on Google’s de facto app […]

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The Essential Phone is now available with Alexa built-in direct – exclusively from Amazon

It isn’t long since it was announced that the Essential Phone was finally available in the awesome Ocean Depths color, with Copper Black and Stellar Gray following suit a few days after each other. Now, Essential has unveiled another new variation which is called Halo Gray that offers something different – it comes with Alexa […]

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New computer models could direct scientists to epic cosmic events

Now that they're spotting gravitational waves more often, scientists are expanding their search for cosmic events. Specifically, they're using new computer models to depict the cataclysmic collision that occurs when a black hole joins a neutron star…
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Google and Facebook team up on a direct connection to Asia

Google and Facebook are looking to speed up their connection to Hong Kong. According to an announcement today, the two internet giants have teamed up with the Pacific Light Data Communications Company and TE SubCom to build the first direct undersea…
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Instagram adding several new features to Instagram Direct

instagram directInstagram Direct is the social media site’s way of directly sharing content with friends and family, and it’s been a success for the site since it launched a few years back. Today, Direct is getting some new features to make it even better, including threaded messaging and a way to share photos and videos on your feed straight to specific people.

The threaded messaging feature makes Instagram Direct work pretty similarly to text messaging and group messaging. The threads will follow conversations depending on which people are in the conversation, and you can name groups and quickly share things through a dedicated camera button and emoji sticker button.

Instagram is also pushing the sharing aspect of the site, adding a share button directly to posts next to the comment and like button. This will let you send content to direct messages and groups, and is designed to skip the step of mentioning someone in an Instagram comment.

Privacy hasn’t changed with these new features, so anything you share directly will only be seen by whoever you specify, and the photos and videos will only be visible to people that could already see the content normally, so you won’t be able to circumvent private accounts this way.

source: Instagram

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