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Dropbox gets full-screen iPad navigation and drag-and-drop for iOS

You know how an iPad's screen real estate is wasted on Dropbox? Well, it's wasted no more. The file hosting service has rolled out a pretty meaty update for Apple devices, which includes full-screen file navigation for Cupertino's tablets. Just colla…
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Dropbox is getting integrated into Google Docs and Gmail

Dropbox is a pretty fierce competitor to Google Drive and was arguably the first big name to bring mass cloud storage into the mainstream. Despite that, Google and Dropbox have managed to come to an agreement that will see the cloud company merge its products into Google Drive and Gmail. They’re still working out details, […]

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Dropbox tackles security fears surrounding its Mac app

Dropbox has already raised some eyebrows over its requests for ever-deeper access to your computer, and recent discoveries aren't helping things much. Users now claim that Dropbox's Mac app asks for overly broad permissions, swipes your password and…
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