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Eight US companies will manufacture NASA’s COVID-19 ventilator

Last month, the FDA rushed a NASA-designed ventilator through its fast-track Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) program in hopes that it might be used to treat COVID-19 patients. Caltech, which manages NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), offered t…
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LG delivers ‘Real 8K’ in 2020 with eight new OLED and LCD TVs

With CES about to start, LG has unveiled some hints about its new top of the line TVs for 2020. In this era, that means jumping from 4K to 8K, and the company will have eight new models that it says promise "Real 8K" performance that "exceeds" the CT…
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Amazon strikes a global deal with Blumhouse for eight thrillers

Jason Blum's Blumhouse Television, the production house behind TV shows like Eye Candy and Cold Case Files, has struck a deal with Amazon Studios to create eight dark/thriller films that will all be thematically connected. If the name Jason Blum soun…
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Eight days of DT Giveaways

Wouldn’t holiday shopping be a lot more fun if you didn’t have to, you know, pay for stuff? We thought so too. That’s why we’re giving away some of our favorite gadgets – from drones to smartphones – for the eight days leading up to Christmas. Enter to win as many giveaways as you want, […]

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