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Twitter touts its recent work to ‘protect the integrity of elections’

It's almost the midterm elections in the US, and that means disinformation campaigns could be working overtime. Social networks have been introducing new features, rolling out changes and even asking the government for help to fight off trolls and fa…
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Australia task force will protect elections against cyberattacks

Governments around the world are taking various steps to prevent foreign elements from meddling with their elections. For some of them, it's to prevent foreign interference yet again — the US, for instance, might use paper ballot backups that will a…
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What the world searched on Google after the US elections

Based on the search strings that trended for November 9th, the world turned to Google in an effort to understand the President-elect's surprise win and the United States' complicated voting system. Google Trends posted the most popular searches after…
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Snapchat listing suggests new job offerings for next year’s elections


Snapchat has posted a listing for a new job in preparation for the upcoming 2016 elections. The company has mentioned on its official site that there’s an opening for a ‘content analyst’. This essentially means that the company is looking to hire correspondents to cover the 2016 U.S. Elections, which is sure to be a busy job for those applying.

With this job posting, regular users of Snapchat can also be assured of getting a closer look at the functioning of an election and the days leading up to it like never before. There will be thousands of stories and millions of images shared from campaign trails, so whoever takes up this job will surely need to be up for the challenge.

Snapchat even hired CNN contributor, Peter Hamby recently which made big news. He’s set to join the team as the news head, so it is understood that whoever gets this job will be working under him in some capacity. This is a good opportunity for political enthusiasts to assess the elections and give it their unique flavor.

You can find the job listing in its entirety below.

Source: Snapchat
Via: The Verge

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