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NYT: Experts find evidence Russians hacked Ukrainian gas company

Any relationship between former Vice President Joe Biden, his son and the Ukrainian gas company Burisma has become a central figure in the 2020 election campaign and the impeachment of Donald Trump. Now, in a situation with echoes of the 2016 electio…
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Scientists find evidence of a black hole at our galaxy’s center

Researchers have long suspected that a supermassive black hole lies in the center of our galaxy, and now they have strong evidence to support that suspicion. Using the Very Large Telescope — an array of four individual telescopes stationed in the At…
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Scientists find more evidence that Planet Nine exists

It took us almost 50 years to get a close look at Pluto, so we think it's safe to say humanity has to wait a while before we can catch a glimpse of Planet Nine. In fact, we still have to prove that it really does exist. Mike Brown, who played a key r…
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