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YouTube TV’s got game on Valentine’s Day: more channels and markets

Last year we launched YouTube TV, the best way to enjoy cable-free live TV, and we’ve been working hard to make it better every day. Today we are excited to wish all our members an extra Happy Valentine’s Day by bringing more of the networks you love to YouTube TV, including TNT, Adult Swim, TBS, CNN, Cartoon Network, truTV, Turner Classic Movies and more!

That’s great news for everyone, from Anderson Cooper addicts to Rick and Morty binge-watchers, and everything in between. Now you can also get breaking news from CNN, watch cable’s #1 new drama series The Alienist on TNT, catch up on TBS’s hit comedy series The Detour, check out the popular kids series Teen Titans Go!, and enjoy the new season of truTV’s Impractical Jokers – all included now with your YouTube TV membership.

For sports lovers in particular, we’ve got you covered: you now have access to March Madness and you can watch nationally televised NBA games, NBA All-Star weekend, NBA Playoff games, MLB Postseason games, the PGA Championship and soccer from the UEFA Champions League.

But wait, there’s more! We’re thrilled to announce that we’re soon adding NBA TV, the league’s 24-hour network, and MLB Network, Major League Baseball’s award-winning 24/7 TV network, to the YouTube TV base package. And in the coming months, you’ll also be able to watch NBA League Pass, the league’s premium out-of-market live game service, or MLB.TV, the longest running sports streaming service in the U.S., for an extra fee. Game on!

It would break our hearts for you to miss out on the action, so in the coming weeks, YouTube TV is also expanding to all top 100 U.S. markets! While we started out in just five markets and expanded to over 80 from there, we’re thrilled to announce that we are taking YouTube TV to over 85 percent of U.S. households, with the most live local broadcast stations in markets where YouTube TV is available. New markets include: Lexington, Dayton, Honolulu, Richmond, Mobile, and Syracuse. Check out here if YouTube TV is available in your city.

We will be increasing our price to $ 40/month on March 13 for new members. However, if you are already a member or sign up before March 13, we are keeping your original price of $ 35/month.

YouTube TV offers cable-free live TV through a simple and easy experience that’s built from the ground up for the 21st century. It includes:

  • Over 50 networks, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, plus popular cable networks like TNT, TBS, CNN, ESPN, AMC, and FX, and local sports networks from NBC Sports, FOX Sports, and NESN in select markets.
  • Ability to watch on any screen – mobile, tablet or computer – and easily streamed to your TV with apps built for Roku (new!), Apple TV (new!), Xbox One, Android TVs and Samsung and LG 2016 and 2017 smart TVs; and Chromecast, Chromecast built-in TVs, and AirPlay through Apple TV.
  • A cloud DVR, with no storage space limits that travels with you within the United States so you can stream recordings on any device, whenever and wherever you want. It enables you to record live TV and never run out of storage space, plus record shows simultaneously, without using precious data or space on your phone. Your programs are stored for nine months.
  • Six accounts per household, each with its own unique recommendations and personal DVR with no storage space limits.
  • Half the cost of cable with zero commitments. A YouTube TV membership is only $ 35 a month (if you sign up before March 13) and there are no commitments – you can cancel anytime.

So hop on the couch with us, fire up the TV remote and let’s celebrate the best way to watch cable-free live TV together. Happy Valentine’s Day, YouTube TV members! We’re having so much fun in our new relationship and are committed to making YouTube TV the live TV experience you’ve been waiting for. And if you are not a member, remember to join by March 13 to experience the new live TV service everyone’s talking about for only $ 35/month.

What can we say, YouTube TV is a cheap date 🙂 Enjoy the game!

Posted by Heather Moosnick, Director of Content Partnerships, YouTube TV, who will be rooting for Team Curry #30 this Sunday in the NBA All-Star Game on TNT live on YouTube TV.

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[TA Deals] Improve your smartphone photography game with the RevolCam

If you rely on your smartphone for all of your photography, you’ll want to give the RevolCam a look. It’s a nifty little gadget that adds new features and improves the quality of your photos, all with a small accessory. The RevolCam features three different lenses and an LED flash, plus a selfie mirror. The […]

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Ben Heck’s mini pinball game: Designing the PCB

In tackling another prototype-to-production design, Ben uses Autodesk Eagle to recreate Felix's printed circuit board layout. Learn with Ben how to create your own parts in Eagle and ensure that the board's components are laid out correctly, bear…
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Ben Heck’s Hex game: Fun with soldering

After working out the kinks with the layout of the Hex board game, Ben and Felix have received the PCBs from OSHPark and they're all ready for soldering. That's interesting, because ultimately the game itself will be used to teach soldering in…
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[TA Deals] Develop your own games with the 2017 Zero to Hero Game Developer bundle

Mobile game development can be tough to break into without any help, but luckily, you can score the 2017 Zero to Hero Game Developer bundle at a big discount right now. This bundle includes 9 courses with 413 lessons and over 80 hours of content. It covers a ton of different skills, including developing in […]

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11 years after creating ‘League of Legends,’ Riot is making a new game

The two founders of Riot Games announced that they're handing off the management of League of Legends to other administrators so they can make a new game — which will end up being the publisher's second big video game release in 11 years of operatio…
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Watch the NFL’s London game at 9:30AM Eastern

You're about to get a chance to watch an out-of-the-ordinary NFL game wherever you happen to live. The league and Yahoo (disclaimer: yes, they're part of our parent company Verizon) are streaming a special game in London on September 24th at 9:30AM…
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Run the Jewels’ video game tour continues in ‘FIFA 18’

Killer Mike and El-P, collectively known as Run the Jewels, are no strangers to video games. Previously they appeared in Gears of War 4 as multiplayer characters, and now the duo are lending their talents to FIFA 18. Or, at least, their iconography….
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Nike’s ‘NBA Connected’ jerseys tap into the game with NFC tags

Nike is the new apparel maker for the NBA and tonight it officially rolled out updated jerseys for the teams. They're specially constructed to keep players cool and allow for freedom of movement, but there's a new feature for fans too. They'll debut…
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Sprint steps up the bloatware game in a bad way with BlackBerry KeyOne

Getting a new smartphone from a carrier usually means putting up with the bloatware that carriers install. This can be in the form of the carrier’s own specific apps that it believes you just cannot live without or it can be third-party apps from vendors the carrier has struck business deals with. The bloatware landscape […]

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Open-world adventure game ‘Rime’ comes to the Switch this November

Tequila Works' highly-anticipated indie game Rime, formerly planned as a PS4 exclusive, is also headed to PC, the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. While some were worried the open-world adventure would cost more on the Switch (it won't), Rime will still…
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Hit indie FMV game ‘Her Story’ gets a spiritual sequel

Did you enjoy Her Story, the indie title that revived the use of full-motion video in games? You're not alone: Sam Barlow's game sold over 100,000 copies, a lot for a small-budget release, and won its share of acclaim, including multiple awards. An…
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Xfinity TV customers can catch up on ‘Game of Thrones’ for free

If you're clamoring to catch up on Game of Thrones but don't have an HBO subscription, you'd better get ready for an epic binge watch. Starting today, TV customers can access all six seasons of the show through Xfinity on Demand for free. The promoti…
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Game on!: YouTube at E3 2017

From the hotly anticipated reveal of Xbox’s Project Scorpio to the breathtaking trailer of Hideo Kojima’s “Death Stranding,” gamers around the world joined together in celebration at last year’s E3. It’s the most anticipated event of the year for us gamers, where we get to hit refresh on every blog, website and gaming stream to see what the next year has in store.

This year, YouTube is back again to give gamers around the world a front row seat to everything at E3 on our YouTube Gaming hub. Yesterday we began our exclusive two-day, 17-hour livestream hosted by Geoff Keighley and brought to you by Totino’s Pizza Rolls™. We saw the reveal of the Xbox One X and made live Tiltbrush Art in mixed reality, all in 4K Ultra HD. We’re back today at 1 p.m. PT with more press releases, exclusive interviews, and discussion with YouTube’s biggest names.

But the YouTube E3 coverage doesn’t stop there! From Tuesday, June 13, to Thursday, June 15, Rooster Teeth takes over with nonstop discussion of the big announcements, interviews with your favorite developers, and game demos from the show, presented by “War for the Planet of the Apes,” in theaters July 14.

Finally, will host the Trailer Battle for its ninth year in a row. With our annual showcase of the hottest trailers released at and around E3, you can watch and vote for your favorite trailers, collect items, and build your inventory to save the multiverse! Be sure to come back the following week to see if your favorites made the top 5.

See you soon at E3!

Ryan Wyatt, Global Head of Gaming Content & Partnerships, recently watched “Sidemen vs YouTube All-Stars Live.”

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Ben Heck’s Logic Gate board game: Adventures in LCD screens

After deciding to use an LCD screen for the Logic Gate board game, Ben gets to work on programming the Pic32mz series microcontroller in MPLab X IDE. Using the programming software and Direct Memory Access (DMA) transfers, Ben learns how to displ…
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USB-powered Sega Nomad gives you near-endless game time

Sega's Genesis Nomad was always something of a compromise (it was running 16-bit console games on mid-1990s handheld tech), but the battery life was a particularly sore point: it took six AA batteries just to get 3 hours of play time. Wouldn't it be…
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Someone made a Game Boy emulator for the Apple Watch

An Apple Watch developer has figured out how to port the Gambatte Game Boy emulator to the hardware, creating a unique control scheme that takes advantage of the wearable’s touchscreen.

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Get the most out of your game with Golf Pad’s Link system

The Golf Pad Link is a new way to accurately track rounds of golf without needing to be tethered to your phone. With each new round played, Golf Pad learns the way you golf so that it can make suggestions to improve your score.

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Overtime? Game Day ads are still in play on YouTube

The confetti has hit the field. We all went Gaga. The Pats have come out victorious.

While you may not have seen that coming, we’ve seen our highest ever watch time during the game, with more than 350K hours spent watching Big Game ads, marking over 15 percent year-over year-growth. If your Game Day party was anything like ours, mobile also played a huge role – 70 percent of this watch time came from mobile devices. And this is just the beginning.

Historically, the day after the Big Game kicks off several weeks of watching and re-watching Big Game ads, so make sure you check out the tenth anniversary of the YouTube AdBlitz channel and vote for your favorite by February 10 at midnight ET.

We’re already starting to see some early favorites. Some with a fresh take on iconic characters, others that introduced new heroes. But the undeniable theme of the night was ads that connected to social and political topics — in fact, these ads accounted for nearly half of the watch time on Game Day.

Here are the top ten ads so far (based on Game Day views as of 2/6 at 2 a.m. ET):

  1. Budweiser – Budweiser 2017 Super Bowl Commercial | “Born The Hard Way”
  2. Bud Light – Ghost Spuds | Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial 2017 feat. Spuds MacKenzie
  3. Hyundai – A Better Super Bowl | NFL Hyundai Super Bowl LI
  4. Kia – 2017 Kia Niro | “Hero’s Journey” Starring Melissa McCarthy
  5. T-Mobile – T-Mobile | #UnlimitedMoves with Justin Bieber | T-Mobile Commercial
  6. Tide – Tide | Super Bowl Commercial 2017 with Terry Bradshaw
  7. 84 Lumber – 84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial – The Entire Journey
  8. Netflix – “Stranger Things 2” – Super Bowl 2017 Ad
  9. Audi – Audi #DriveProgress Big Game Commercial – “Daughter”
  10. Mr. Clean – Mr. Clean | New Super Bowl Ad | Cleaner of Your Dreams

Interest in commercials didn’t stop at YouTube either. Of the top trending Google Search questions during the game, three were about the ads:

  1. How old is Lady Gaga?
  2. How does overtime work in NFL?
  3. Who owns Alfa Romeo?
  4. What is 84 Lumber?
  5. How many “Pirates of the Caribbean” are there?

The Big Game may have been called, but the battle for top ad is still in play. Check back next week to find out this year’s winner of YouTube AdBlitz!

Deborah Powsner, YouTube Ads Marketing, recently watched Patriots vs. Falcons | Super Bowl LI Game Highlights.

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Game developers take a stand against Trump’s immigration ban

The opposition to the Trump administration's immigration ban has spread far and wide. Video game developers are joining the chorus against what some see as an unconstitutional policy put forth with no thought or consideration of the outcome. For a nu…
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Celebrating ten years of Big Game ads on YouTube

Every year, a few Big Game ads stand out from the pack and keep us smiling long after the last play … like your daughter’s first date, that time Liam Neeson wanted revenge, or the year we met whatever this is.

Today, we’re kicking off YouTube AdBlitz for the tenth time, a destination where you can come watch and vote for all your favorite Big Game ads.

To continue to spotlight excellence as part of our AdBlitz program, we’ve made two key changes. First, in addition to our main list of AdBlitz winners, we’ll be recognizing top performers in individual categories, like automotive and food & beverage. Second, we’ve seen more and more traditional in-game advertisers choose to launch ads around the Big Game versus during the actual broadcast. This year, these spots will also be eligible to compete in AdBlitz.

In honor of AdBlitz’s ten-year anniversary, we’re also taking a look back at the top 20 Big Game ads from the past nine years that have stood the test of time. Collectively, these ads have racked up more than 440M minutes of watchtime along the way.

Of course as much as we love Big Game ads, they also represent just one slice of all the football-related content people watch on YouTube. Overall, watchtime for football-related content has grown over 90 percent year-over-year.1 Given this huge interest, it’s no surprise that the NFL’s YouTube channel, which they unveiled two years ago, just passed the 1 billion views mark, a huge achievement.

In looking at the ads that made our top 20 list, we noticed a few things.

The ad your ad could smell like: Iconic ads continue to thrive on YouTube long past their initial release. Some of the most memorable ads from previous years, like Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” (2010), Ram Trucks’ “Farmer” (2013) and GoPro and Red Bull’s “Red Bull Stratos – The Full Story” (2014) collectively garnered over 5M views in 2016, years after their original airing. And combined, these ads have driven over 92.5M lifetime views.

Advertisers use the force … of uploading early. Advertisers that upload early do better overall. The share of Big Game ads released on YouTube before game day grew over 200 percent from 2008 to 2016, due to a combination of more advertisers releasing their television spots early on YouTube as well the growing popularity of teasers. Among YouTube’s Top 20 ranking, 90 percent of the ads listed were released on YouTube before the Super Bowl that year, including Volkswagen’s “The Force” and Budweiser’s “Puppy Love.”

Pokemon goes global: Just as the Big Game has become a global moment, so have the ads. Outside the U.S., Super Bowl ad viewership on YouTube has grown over 28x since 2008. In 2016, the three countries outside the U.S. that watched the most Super Bowl ads on YouTube are Canada, the United Kingdom and Russia. Some of the most popular Super Bowl ads internationally included: Pokemon’s “#Pokemon20: Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial,” Coca-Cola’s “Coke Mini (Hulk vs. Ant-Man),” and Heinz’s “Wiener Stampede – Extended Cut.”

Our full AdBlitz 10-Year Anniversary report is here along with the full list of the top 20 ads of the past nine years. We encourage you to take a look and come up with your own insights. And of course check back with AdBlitz before, during, and after the Big Game to see and vote for this year’s additions to the catalog of iconic Big Game ads.

Tara Walpert Levy, Vice President of Agency & Media Solutions, recently watched “NFL 2016: Part One” — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL.”

1YouTube Data, U.S. Classification as American Football video was based on public data such as headlines, tags, etc., and may not account for every such video available on YouTube, January – November 2016.

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Netflix made a game featuring some of its top shows

When Netflix isn't commissioning award-winning programming and movies, some members of its team dedicate some of their time to building fun little projects. We've already The Switch, a Netflix and Chill button that can automatically dim the lights, a…
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After Math: Game over

This was a week of tremendous loss. America said goodbye to John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth, Twitter accidentally murdered @-replies for a day, Fitbit cannibalized its new acquisition of Pebble and new studies suggest that robots ar…
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Watch The Game Awards right here!

It's time for The Game Awards and you can watch the show right here on this page! Games like Uncharted 4, Firewatch and Inside are up for some pretty big accolades, but that's not all that's on tap. Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima is scheduled to…
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Lightseekers Kickstarter aims to turn your toys into true game controllers

Bringing toys to life in video games seems to be a big trend these days, however most of the time the toys do not do much. Lightseekers hopes to change that, allowing you to use your figurines as in-game controllers.

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Sex and sexuality: The Jane Austen game breaking the MMO rules

Ever, Jane is an online role-playing game set in the dramatic, romantic worlds of Jane Austen. It invites players to attend sophisticated dinner parties and fancy balls, share gossip, keep secrets, fall in love, get married and climb the ribbon-lined…
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‘Star Citizen’ presentation hints the game is coming together

We won't blame you if you're skeptical that Star Citizen will ever be a finished, shipping title. Even now, it's not so much a game as a collection of modules: you can explore space and get into gun battles on foot, but not much more. However, Robert…
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Cosplayer combines love for ‘Game of Thrones’ and hit game at San Diego Comic-Con

Duranleau, re-invigorated with his love for Pokémon after Pokémon Go came out, combined his usual Ketchum garb with that of House Targaryen of Game of Thrones to make him the ultimate Pokémaster of dragons.

The post Cosplayer combines love for ‘Game of Thrones’ and hit game at San Diego Comic-Con appeared first on Digital Trends.

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Warner Bros. paid YouTubers for positive game reviews

Warner Bros. has settled an FTC complaint accusing the company of paying YouTubers "hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars" to make positive review videos for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. FTC filed the complaint back in 2014, after the studio ra…
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G2A makes it harder for scammers to sell shady game codes

G2A is still determined to show that it can do right by developers worried about shady game key sellers. The online marketplace has introduced a new verification process that should make it harder to commit fraud. New sellers will have to provide a l…
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Google just upped the ante in the machine-learning game by purchasing Moodstocks

tech giant Google has just made moves to improve its own AI capabilities by purchasing Moodstocks, a French startup that is particularly adept at helping phones recognize objects.

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It’s a numbers game! How analytics are turning games into distraction machines

Gaming analytics allow developers to hack your feeble human brain like never before, and highly refined games they’re cranking out with it are more like crack than art.

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Asus might get back in the tablet game with the Zenpad Z8 for Verizon

It’s rumored that Verizon may sell the Asus Zenpad Z8 sometime in the near future. Interestingly enough, Asus has yet to officially unveil the tablet, with a possible announcement coming sometime next week.

The post Asus might get back in the tablet game with the Zenpad Z8 for Verizon appeared first on Digital Trends.

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Wear me to the ball game: Zepp 2 sensor adds Smart Coach system to improve form

Zepp is introducing an updated sensor that has a different form factor, allowing it to pack in more sensors, and utilize Bluetooth low energy. The company is also unveiling a new Smart Coach system in its respective apps.

The post Wear me to the ball game: Zepp 2 sensor adds Smart Coach system to improve form appeared first on Digital Trends.

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11 March Madness apps to bring the game with you everywhere

You’ve got your bracket all filled out, you’ve got your favorites and upsets picked, now you just have to watch the games and see who wins. We’ve got some great apps to accompany your March Madness experience to make sure you see every moment.

The post 11 March Madness apps to bring the game with you everywhere appeared first on Digital Trends.

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[TA Deals] Pay what you want for this Hardcore Game Dev Bundle


Do you enjoy video games and mobile devices? Then you might like this Hardcore Game Dev Bundle we have over on Talk Android Deals at a Pay What You Want price. It’ll teach you everything you need to know about developing games for mobile platforms, including Android 6.0!

  • Create 5 real-world Android M apps w/ 15 hours of content
  • Learn or review introductory Java concepts
  • Master & implement material design principles
  • Utilize & implement ListViews, databases, wear cards, etc.
  • Use Google’s main APIs during the app development process
  • Create wearable apps using the Wearable API

That’s just a small peak into what you’ll get out of this Hardcore Game Dev Bundle. You’ll learn everything about developing apps for Android and iOS. Not only that, but you’ll be able to learn the beginning stages of programming languages like JavaScript and C#. There’s a total of 10 educational sections in this bundle, all covering different topics, so those interested will definitely get a comprehensive overview and look as to what they’re getting into.

Now, you can do the Pay What You Want price, but that’ll only get you two sections of this 10 part bundle; however, if you beat the average price, you’ll be able to get all 10 pieces of the Hardcore Game Dev Bundle, start learning, and launch a promising career into game development for mobile platforms!

Anyone picking this up?

[Talk Android Deals]

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Inviting more players to the game

The YouTube Gaming team has been on a six-month speedrun. Last summer, we released an app and website designed to connect gamers with each other, and with the creators and content they love. Since then, we’ve enabled Mobile Capture, so you can record and live stream mobile gameplay on-the-go directly from Android devices, and we’ve introduced Sponsorships in beta, which makes it easy to back your favorite gamers while receiving extra perks including a live chat badge chosen by the creator and access to exclusive chat sessions.

Now we’re inviting more players to the game. Starting today, the YouTube Gaming mobile app will be available on iOS and Android in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, homes to top gaming creators like jacksepticeye, Vanoss, and TypicalGamer. Many more countries are coming soon, so get ready.

YouTube Gaming is built just for gamers, and we asked you to tell us how to make it the best way to connect with your community. Today we’re sharing some new ways we’re helping you find and watch awesome videos and live streams based on feedback we’ve heard:

  • Homepage navigation: Say goodbye to the sidebars! We’ve simplified the homepage to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • Game and channel browsing: We’ve added pages for you to manage your games and channels, plus discover new ones.
  • Dedicated live destination: You’ll find a new “Live” tab on the homepage that brings together top streams, top games, and streams from channels you’re subscribed to.
  • Android live playback: Our Android live stream player joins iOS and the HTML5 desktop player with an upgrade to support quality switching, 60fps playback, and DVR mode.
  • Pop-out player: On Android, you can now pop out the YouTube Gaming player to keep it visible above other apps on your device.

We’re so excited to bring YouTube Gaming to more countries, and look forward to watching more together.

Alan Joyce, Product Manager, recently played “Alpha Protocol.”

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Game over. Long live the game on YouTube.

Over 1 million people from all over the country made their way to the San Francisco Bay Area for the Big Game, but for those watching from home, a friend’s party or their favorite local restaurant, it was more than just what was happening on the field. During the game, people spent 300K hours watching the Big Game ads1 and teaser videos on YouTube and overall we’ve seen nearly 4 million hours of Big Game ads and teasers watched so far. Big Game ads and teasers have been watched over 330 million times, with 60 percent of that coming from mobile devices — the most we’ve ever seen. And that game ain’t over yet.

Brands keep getting in on the game

On YouTube, the game starts well before the kickoff and it continues long after the trophies are handed out, as brands engage with their audience before, during, and after the Big Game. For the ninth straight year, the YouTube AdBlitz program is helping brands extend their reach and brands got in on the game more than ever, with the number of teasers and ads up 25 percent over last year. AdBlitz has been a great way for viewers to watch their favorite Big Game ads again and again, and to share them with friends.

Here are some of people’s favorite Big Game ads so far:

Top Trending Big Game Ads on YouTube based on views (as of 2/8 3 a.m. ET)2

  1. Hyundai – The Chase – Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial | The 2017 Hyundai Elantra 
  2. Pokémon – #Pokemon20: Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial 
  3. MINI USA – MINI USA | #DefyLabels Big Game TV Spot 
  4. Hyundai – First Date – Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial | The 2016 Hyundai Genesis 
  5. Mountain Dew – Mtn Dew Kickstart: Puppymonkeybaby | Super Bowl Spot 
  6. Hyundai – Ryanville – Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial | The 2017 Hyundai Elantra 
  7. Axe – AXE – Find Your Magic [60 second version] 
  8. Doritos – Doritos® Crash The Super Bowl Finalist – Ultrasound 
  9. Snickers – SNICKERS® – “Marilyn” 
  10. Doritos – Doritos® Crash The Super Bowl Finalist – Doritos Dogs 

In years past, we’ve seen a big spike the day after the game as people get to work on Monday morning and reminisce about their favorite Big Game moment. In fact, last year more than 40 percent of total watch time for Big Game ads happened in the weeks after the game.3 Some of these ads get ahead, while others will sustain their leadership. Don’t forget that you can vote for your favorite before February 10 at midnight ET.

Moments to remember

People turned to Google to search for their favorite moments of the game – from going Gaga over the national anthem to an end-zone hand jive. Many of us couldn’t get enough of Beyonce’s much-awaited performance and went searching for more: We saw a 1,000 percent spike in search interest in Beyonce after the halftime show. Meanwhile, searches for “Longest punt return” spiked 8,000 percent in the first quarter of the game.

Top Searched Moments of the Super Bowl

  • Beyonce performing “Formation” 
  • Lady Gaga performing the National Anthem 
  • Jonathan Stewart scores touchdown 
  • Brandon McManus scores field goal 
  • C.J. Anderson scores touchdown 

The Big Game might be over, but there’s always overtime on YouTube. Over the next few days, weeks or years, you get to check out some of the best ads that ran this Sunday. Thanks for joining us once again – and tune in Friday to find out the YouTube AdBlitz winner!

Posted by Natalie Marchant, YouTube Sponsorships Program Manager, recently watched Super Bowl 50 Highlights | Panthers vs. Broncos | NFL

Classification as a “Big Game ad” was based on public data such as headlines and tags, and may not account for every Big Game ad available on YouTube.
Trending Big Game ad, teaser or trailer videos from brands based on number of views as of Feb. 8, 2016
YouTube data, January–February 2015, global. Classification as a “Big Game ad” was based on public data such as headlines and tags, and may not account for every Big Game ad available on YouTube.

YouTube Blog

Nearly two centuries worth of Big Game ads watched on YouTube so far

A couple of weeks ago we announced our ninth annual AdBiltz program,1 where fans come each year to watch, share and vote for their favorite Big Game ads. As we approach the Big Game, we wanted to give you an idea of how much we’ve all been watching and enjoying the Big Game ads, some of the amazing trends we’re seeing, and we wanted to highlight the Top 10 Trending Big Game Ads and teasers so far.

More small screens watching Big Game ads
Big Game ads and teasers have been watched more than 140M2 times so far this year, with more than half of all views coming from mobile devices. In fact people have watched nearly 200 years worth of Big Game ads3 and teasers so far on YouTube, and while the Big Game is only half a century old, so far we’ve seen over a century’s worth of Big Game ads watched on mobile alone.

Live long and prosper
Close to 40 Big Game ads, and over 130 teasers and ads combined, have been posted to YouTube so far, representing nearly all of the brands who will be airing spots during the Big Game. And for good reason: brands that release their ad on YouTube before the game receive an average of 2.2x more views than those that waited until game day to post an ad.4

This year, Pokémon released their first ever Big Game ad a full two weeks before the game, and it has already amassed more than 12M views. And currently the fastest rising Big Game ad is from Hyundai. It has surpassed 15M views in the past three days to become the most watched ad or teaser so far this year.

“We use YouTube to jump-start the conversation around our commercials,” said Dean Evans, Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor America. “People need to see them, like them and want to talk about them. And that’s what YouTube allows us to do.”

It’s never too late for a first
In our many years of YouTube AdBlitz, we’re still able to see something we haven’t seen before. Every year, voting for your favorite ad begins immediately following the game, and we often see brands encouraging their fans to vote through ads and social media. This year, for the first time, a brand has incorporated a shout out in an exclusive teaser ad created just for AdBlitz. Well played, Shock Top!

And now, here are the top trending Big Game ads and teasers, so far:

Top trending Big Game ads and teasers on YouTube (by views) – through Feb. 3

  1. Hyundai – The Chase – Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial | The 2017 Hyundai Elantra
  2. Pokémon – #Pokemon20: Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial
  3. Pepsi – Jerry Rice and Shannon Sharpe Party Fail Study | Walmart | Pepsi
  4. AXE – AXE – Find Your Magic
  5. TurboTax – TurboTax 2016 Commercial “George Smoot Simple Questions” (Official :30) TV Ad
  6. TurboTax – TurboTax 2016 Commercial “Michio Kaku Absolute Zero” (Official :30) TV Ad
  7. UnitedHealthcare – UnitedHealthcare | Delivery :30
  8. – Kung Fu Panda’s Po Discovers the Power of Wix | #StartStunning 2016 Big Game Campaign
  9. TurboTax – TurboTax 2016 Commercial “S. James Gates W-2” (Official :30) TV Ad
  10. MINI USA – MINI USA | #DefyLabels Big Game TV Spot

Also don’t forget to check out our exclusive YouTube AdBlitz creator’s series, hosted by Jake and Amir with friends (MyLifeAsEva, Ten Second Songs, ScottDW, etc), as they teach fans at home how to become legends off the field for that special Sunday Big Game party through relevant tips spanning music, food, fashion, dance, and many others.

Of course, this is just the beginning – as people turn to YouTube for Big Game content before, during and after the game, there will be lot more to come.

Posted by Natalie Marchant, YouTube Sponsorships Program Manager, recently watched “DANCE BATTLE: DENVER vs CAROLINA! #YouTubeAdBlitz (4K).”

1 Full disclosure: Okay, so we announced it as our 8th year – for the second year in a row. We’re not afraid of aging, it’s just that we have so much fun with this program each year, we lost count!
2 YouTube Data Jan. 1 – Feb. 3, 2016. Global. Big Game ads are based on publicly available information and may not account for every such ad on YouTube.
3 YouTube Data Jan. 1 – Feb. 3, 2016. Global. Big Game ads are based on publicly available information and may not account for every such ad on YouTube.
4 Pixability Industry Study. Super Bowl 2015 YouTube Ads.

YouTube Blog

Countdown to the Big Game begins with YouTube

Whether it was the heartfelt family story or that we couldn’t resist a good revenge, football-related content on YouTube has been getting bigger each year, with fans tuning in to watch food, music, comedy and highlight videos all related to the Big Game. Last year, we hit a new record on YouTube – with 840 million minutes worth of Big Game ads watched on YouTube, more than twice as much as the previous year.1

For the past seven years, we’ve been watching and voting for our favorite Big Game ad on YouTube AdBlitz – a one-stop place where you can catch all the action around the Big Game. This year, tune in to our AdBlitz website before, during and after the game to find:

  • Game Day commercials: Missed out on an ad because of a snack run? Tune in to YouTube AdBlitz on game day to easily find and watch all the ads in one place. Last year, more than 300,000 hours of Big Game ads were watched on YouTube while the game was being played.2 In fact, during the game watchtime for ads surpasses watchtime for other well-known YouTube genres, like how-to videos.
  • Teaser gallery: Starting today, the YouTube AdBlitz will host a gallery of Big Game ad teaser videos. Each year, advertisers release their game day ads earlier and earlier on YouTube, and are even creating teaser ads for their ads. Brands that release their ad on YouTube before the game receive an average of 2.2x more views than those that waited until game day to post an ad.3 Tune in now to be in the know.
  • Original content: We invited some of your favorite YouTube Creators to produce an exclusive series for YouTube AdBlitz themed “How to Win Game Day” that we’ll release the week leading up to the game. The series will be hosted by Jake and Amir with Flula as the band leader. And we’ll also release football-themed videos from some of our biggest creators, including videos from MyLifeAsEva, Hannah Hart and fouseyTUBE.
  • Vote for your favorite: Don’t forget to have your say on your favorite ad. After the game ends, visit the YouTube AdBlitz website to vote for and share your favorite commercials. You can start voting as soon as the game ends on February 7 and will have until 11:59 p.m. ET on February 10 to cast your vote.

There are millions of moments that bring everyone together during live events – the play that clinches the game, or that “left shark” performance during the halftime show. To help brands be a part of these conversations in a way that’s timely and relevant, today we’re opening our Real-time ads beta to more brands including, and we plan to roll it out more broadly later this year. With Real-time ads, brands will be able to instantly run an ad across YouTube, hundreds of thousands of apps, and over 2 million sites in our Google Display Network with a message that ties directly to the big moment people just experienced live.

Check out YouTube AdBlitz today to watch ad teasers ahead of the game. Then tune in on game day to watch and vote for your favorite ads. To learn more about how we watch football-related content on YouTube, visit our YouTube Trends Report to catch up on more stats.

Posted by Natalie Marchant, YouTube Sponsorships Program Manager, recently watched “Aaron Rodgers’ Amazing Hail Mary: The Miracle in Motown! | Packers vs. Lions | NFL.”


  1. Google Data, January–December 2015 vs. January–December 2014, Global, Classification as a football related “food,” “video game,” “sports,” “comedy and humor,” “advertising” or “music” video was based on public data such as headlines, tags, etc., and may not account for every such video available on YouTube.
  2. Google Data February 1, 2015. Global. Classification as a “big game” ad or “how-to” video was based on public data such as headlines, tags, etc., and may not account for every such video available on YouTube.
  3. Pixability Industry Study. Super Bowl 2015 YouTube Ads.

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Gordon Ramsay is the first celebrity chef to partner with Glu Mobile for a new game


Are your feelings hurt? They will be soon. Glue Mobile has teamed up with Gordon Ramsay to create a new mobile game.

At the moment, that is really all we know. However, I can only assume it will be a cooking game staring Gordon Ramsay. Maybe you are the chef and Gordon Ramsay teaches you to become great, or maybe you are Gordon Ramsay battling other chefs, who knows?

I can only hope it features Gordon Ramsay going crazy, screaming, and swearing at you just like he does on his TV shows. I also really hope it has classic Gordon Ramsay lines for when you make a mistake like, “I wish you’d jump in the oven! That would make my life a lot easier!”“I don’t think you’re f***ing capable of running a bath, let alone a restaurant!”, or the classic “Congratulations!… on the worst dish in this competition so far”. Any hilarious sayings like these are sure to make it go straight to the top of the Play Store.

Whatever Glu Mobile does is sure to be huge. Gordon Ramsay is their first celebrity chef partnership, but they have worked with many other big names. For example, they created the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game.

We are not sure if Gordon Ramsay will have any say in making the game, but they will have exclusive agreements covering Ramsay’s name, image, likeness, voice, and creative direction. The game is said to be released this summer.

Source: Glu Mobile

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Hideo Kojima’s first independent game is a PS4 exclusive

Konami's loss is PlayStation's gain: Tonight Sony announced an exclusive collaboration with legendary game developer Hideo Kojima, the auteur responsible for the Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders franchises. In the announcement video from PlayStation…
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Weekly Rewind: How to live longer, Game of Thrones teaser, Zuck’s fortune, and more

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it’s almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories

The post Weekly Rewind: How to live longer, Game of Thrones teaser, Zuck’s fortune, and more appeared first on Digital Trends.

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New console game for the Shield TV hits the Play Store

SHIELD-TV_game_contrast_play store_101015Contrast is an all-new adventure game for your Shield TV. Contrast lets users experience adventures in 3D and offers a wide range of challenges along the way. It’s available in the Play Store now.

If you have a Shield TV console, you might want to consider downloading the new game Contrast. Even though the game is a bit pricey at $ 14, it offers a gaming experience with high quality graphics and has included a long story line. The user is prompted to complete short puzzles and solve mysteries along their journey into the mysterious shadowy universe. The game is great for middle-aged teens but adults may find it intriguing as well. The app received a recent update further ensuring top-notch performance and the greatest experience for users.

Contrast comes in at a size of 1.8GB of storage space, so make sure you have enough available space prior to downloading. It’s also recommended to connect to a Wi-Fi network when the download is in tow in order to avoid data overages. The game already has 10-50 installs and has received a majority of high reviews. It requires Android 4.4 and up and a Shield Android TV console for the full experience in addition to a game controller. You can download it at the link below.

Play Store Download Link

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Catch the big ads from the Big Game all month long

The YouTube AdBlitz is back, which means that the Super Bowl ad season is officially underway. Last year, you watched more than 6.3 million hours’ worth of Super Bowl ads on YouTube. That’s enough time for you to fly from Phoenix to the moon and back 87,500 times, watch every NFL game in history 138 times, or listen to Katy Perry’s “Roar” 84M times. In other words … there are a lot of you who watch football for the ads!

The cutest puppy in history, British villains driving sports cars, and iconic music sensations were some of the big winners on YouTube AdBlitz last year. Will there be new contenders this year, or will the powerhouses reign supreme?

Here’s the full rundown of what you’ll find on this year’s AdBlitz channel:

  • Teasers: Super Bowl ads were watched more than 160M times on YouTube before last year’s game even began. Commercials that were released on YouTube before they aired during the game drove approximately 2.5X more views on average than commercials that were released on game day. Once again, YouTube will host a teaser gallery where people can watch advertiser submitted pregame ads all in one place.
  • Game Day Commercials: You’ll also find all the advertiser-submitted game-day commercials on our YouTube AdBlitz channel uploaded as soon as the ad is aired on TV.
  • YouTube Halftime Show: For the first time, YouTube will host a Halftime Show produced in collaboration with Collective Digital Studio that will be live streamed on the AdBlitz Channel. Filmed at the YouTube Space in L.A., the show will feature more than 20 YouTube creators and musicians with over 60M combined subscribers including Harley Morenstein from EpicMealTime, Freddie Wong, Rhett and Link, Toby Turner and more.
  • Postgame Gallery: This year, we’re introducing a postgame content gallery where advertisers can continue the conversation with their audience by providing follow-on or behind-the-scenes footage of their Super Bowl spot.
  • Postgame Voting: Don’t forget to have your say on your favorite Super Bowl ad. After the game ends, visit the AdBlitz channel to vote for and share your favorite Super Bowl commercials. You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. ET on February 9 to cast your vote.

For the next month, YouTube is your go-to destination for all your Super Bowl ads entertainment. Visit from your smartphone, tablet or desktop to watch, share and vote for your favorite spots this season.

Riki Nakasuji, Sports & Gaming Sponsorships Manager, recently watched “The Bay Area in 4K.”

YouTube Blog

Shooting stars and puppy ads: How the world watched the big game

From a “super brawl” to a giant lion, yesterday’s big game was filled with many notable moments. That’s true on YouTube and Google too—people watched more game day ads and teaser videos on YouTube than ever before, YouTube hosted its first-ever halftime show, and a throwback PSA became a top trending search term. Here’s a look at the top trending searches, videos and more across Google and YouTube:

Battle of the brands
As the battle for football supremacy was taking place on the field, a very different battle was raging across the country: Which ad would reign supreme? Whether via smartphone, tablet or laptop, people spent nearly 4 million hours watching game-day ads and teaser videos on YouTube—up from 2.2 million hours from this time last year.


This year’s most popular ads came from a wide range of advertisers—newcomers and veterans alike. But one thing’s for certain—puppies, pranks, and Kim Kardashian continue to “break the Internet.” Here are the ads that scored big on YouTube so far:

YouTube has evolved to become the place brands go to engage with their audience before, during, and after the big game. That’s why revenue from our AdBlitz program set a new record this year, with brands investing more on YouTube around the big game than years past. And, we’ve hit a new record in watchtime across YouTube—the growth rate at which people are watching YouTube has nearly doubled in the last year, leading to the fastest growth we’ve seen in years.

Tom Brady and Missy Elliott dominate on search
While people turned to YouTube to watch the ads, people turned to Google to search for everything from “how old is Tom Brady” to “buffalo chicken dip recipes” to “Katy Perry Halftime performance.” Before kickoff, people asked Google “Why did John Travolta call Idina ‘Adele’?”—a throwback to John Travolta’s infamous mispronunciation of National Anthem performer Idina Menzel’s name at the 2014 Oscars. Searchers were also interested in Menzel’s performance (or researching prop bets), asking “How long will it take Idina to sing the National Anthem?”

Tom Brady, Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson were the top three searched players before, during and after the game. Thanks to some standout in-game performances, by the end they were sharing the spotlight: Rob Gronkowski and Chris Matthews (replacing Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor). And MVP Tom Brady wasn’t just an MVP on the field—he captured the title of “Most Searched Quarterback” in every state except for the Seahawks’ home Washington.


Of course, for many people the halftime show is the highlight of the night, and Katy Perry’s performance delivered. She came in on a lion, danced with sharks and went out on a star—one that was, for some, reminiscent of NBC’s old “The More You Know” PSAs. The phrase “The More You Know” spiked 190x in search for the 10 minutes after Katy’s starry flight. And although Missy Elliott was a late addition to the halftime lineup, she was a popular topic in search. Top questions related to Missy Elliott included “When was Missy Elliott popular?” and “How does Katy Perry know Missy Elliott?”

A very YouTube halftime show
For the first time ever, this year YouTube hosted a Halftime Show produced by Collective Digital Studio, with the help of more than 25 YouTube creators including Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein as host, Rhett & Link, Toby Turner, Freddie Wong and Tyler Ward. From Kurt Hugo Schneider’s “Epic Patty Cake Song” to the “Elephant’s Toothpaste” science experiment with Science Bob, the show delivered a one-of-a-kind experience for YouTube fans.

With the last touchdown scored, we’re taking votes for your favorite ad, so visit our AdBlitz channel to cast your ballot before voting ends on February 9 at 11:59pm ET. Thanks for making this year our biggest game ever.

Whether you’re a loyal 12th man or a Boston fan for life, chances are you turned to YouTube and Google to watch your favorite ads, answer your questions or witness a new generation of halftime entertainment. We’re happy we could be a part of your game.

Posted by Riki Nakasuji, Sports & Gaming Sponsorships Manager, recently watched “Top 10 Super Bowl games of all time.”

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Biggest year ever for big game ads on YouTube

This year’s football season might be done and dusted, but the battle for most popular big game ad is still in play. To see how trends have played out in the days since the game, we took a look at the top trending videos, facts, and stats about big game ads on YouTube.

We found that viewership is growing faster than before – people have watched more big game ads and teasers in the first six weeks of 2015 than all 52 weeks of 2014. More than 7M hours of big game ads and teasers have been watched on YouTube, up from 6.3M hours for all of 2014.


Liam cinches his “Revenge”

One of the surprise hits this week was Clash of Clan’s “Revenge” ad featuring Liam Neeson. The spot gained over 20M views this week alone and now clocks in at more than 30M views, making it the most viewed big game ad on YouTube so far. Here’s a look at viewership of game day ads over time, from a report by Pixability:

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 4.41.40 PM.png
(Source: Pixability report “Super Bowl Ads on YouTube,” February 5)

Beards and selfies infiltrate top trending ads
As expected, puppies and celebrities dominated the top trending ads on YouTube. But there were also some lesser-reported trends that spanned across the top game day ads. We found that:

  • Half of the top 10 ads featured men with beards
  • 21 different types of animals (animated or otherwise) made an appearance
  • Two ads had people taking selfies
  • Two ads featured no dialogue at all
  • One: the total number of “Angry Neesons”

Here’s a list of the top trending game day ads on YouTube (based on views as of 2/6):


There are still three more days to cast your vote for your favorite ad of the game. Visit our AdBlitz channel to cast your ballot before voting ends on February 9 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Kellen Spadafore, Insights at Google, recently watched “Super Bowl XLIX: Patriots vs. Seahawks highlights.”

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Get your game on with YouTube during E3

We’re now only two weeks away from the start of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, and you can get a front-row seat to the action with YouTube! We’re inviting your favorite YouTube creators to show us what’s cool and coming up next in the world of gaming, so you can experience every jaw-dropping demo and announcement LIVE.

We are building out a dedicated E3 YouTube hub where you will be able to follow all the live streams and trailers from the event, starting on Sunday, June 14, with the Nintendo World Championships, followed by the Bethesda press conference and the unveiling of the latest installment in the “Doom” series.

On Monday, June 15, at 9 a.m. PT, the wall-to-wall coverage will continue with a 12-hour live stream marathon, hosted by Geoff Keighley, brought to you by the movie “Self/less” – in theaters July 10. Geoff and YouTube gaming creators will bring you live coverage of press conferences from publishers like Xbox, Sony, EA and Ubisoft.

The program will include live “Let’s plays” of new titles, plus celebrity interviews along with other video game stars from the YouTube family. You’ll also get live coverage from IGN and GameSpot, just like last year.

The play-by-play coverage will continue with hundreds of hours of live and on-demand content throughout the week directly from YouTube’s booth at E3, hosted by RoosterTeeth, along with our legendary Trailer Battle, Nintendo’s Digital Event and Treehouse Live, as well as other exclusive gaming content.

From live reactions and gaming demos, to trivia showdowns and “Meet the Makers” sessions with industry experts, the E3 YouTube hub will offer you the easiest place to explore the best of E3. Stay tuned starting on June 14.

Ryan Wyatt, global head of gaming content, recently watched “E3 Live on YouTube 2015 announcement video.”

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Indefinite: Interrogation Game offers unique spin on concentration genre


A new game from developer BrandLibel offers a unique twist on the concentration game genre. Incorporating hints of dystopian fiction titles like The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner, Indefinite: Interrogation Game places the player in the role of a detainee being interrogated about their involvement in a catastrophic global event called “The Incident.”

The game presents the player with over 30 unique questions and 100 possible answers. As selections are made with a timer running, the player needs to remember their answers as similar questions will roll back around. If later answers don’t match earlier answers, players will find they come under increasing suspicion from their interrogator.

At the end of the game, players get a report on what their likely role was in The Incident, a summary that is similar to the results one gets when taking social media quizzes.

Incident is free, but does offer in-app purchases to help bribe the interrogator to improve your position or get rid of ads.

Click here to view the embedded video.

incident_game_screen_01 incident_game_screen_02 incident_game_screen_03 incident_game_screen_04 incident_game_screen_05

qr code

Google Play Download Link

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