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Facebook goes back to basics: People

Over the past couple of years, Facebook has frequently tweaked its News Feed algorithms to deliver stories that are relevant and of interest to you. It was a strategy that, up until now, seemed to be the way forward for the site. But that's all about…
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First-ever ‘negative emissions’ power plant goes online

Unfortunately, it's no longer enough to cut CO2 emissions to avoid further global temperature increases. We need to remove some of the CO2 that's already there. Thankfully, that reversal is one step closer to becoming reality. Climeworks and Reykj…
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BioLite’s FirePit goes beyond the camping grill

Relaxing and staring at fire is a primordial pleasure, but one that's often isolated to camping trips. It also inevitably leads to burger and hot dog cravings. While your average campfire — a flaming stack of logs surrounded by rocks or rusty metal…
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Nike’s self-lacing HyperAdapt goes on sale again this weekend

If you're still chasing the Marty McFly dream, Nike's self-tightening shoe is coming around for the second time this weekend. While a few pairs of the $ 720 HyperAdapt 1.0 were available late last year, the company is rolling more out around the world…
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As Best Buy listing goes up, the Essential Phone should ship very soon

Essential is nearing the release of its first device. It’s live on Best Buy’s site, but you still can’t actually purchase the Essential Phone for yourself. For now you can just sign up to be notified when the retailer starts taking orders. While vague, it’s a sign that Essential is moving forward and doesn’t plan […]

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Steam’s streamlined indie marketplace goes live June 13th

Steam Greenlight launched in 2012 with the dream that players would naturally vote for the games they most wanted. But that idealism fell to the reality of voter approval and it became far more of a popularity contest. In February, Steam finally anno…
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Google’s $5,000 4K digital whiteboard goes on sale

It only took half a year, but Google's first take on a digital whiteboard is finally available. Google has started selling the Jamboard in the US for $ 4,999 plus $ 600 per year for management and support ($ 300 if you buy one by the end of September)….
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The live-streaming Mevo pocket cam comes to Android, goes 4K on iOS

Livestream has announced that its Mevo live-streaming camera is a getting a host of new updates this summer, including support for Android devices, YouTube live, 1080p streaming, and 4K internal recording.

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Android Wear goes upscale with watches from Fossil, Tag Heuer, more at Baselworld

Baselworld 2017 is nearly here, and we’re expecting to see a ton of great new smartwatches from the likes of Tag Heuer, Movado, and more. Here’s everything we expect to see at the annual watch and jewelry trade show.

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LG G6 goes up for pre-order in the U.S.

It’s time! The 2017 flagship from LG is up for pre-order in the United States. If you’ve been waiting patiently for this phone, today’s your day to throw down big money. The G6 is live on Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Best Buy’s sites for you to pre-order. Verizon Release date: March 30 Price: $ 672, […]

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YouTube goes to the movies

The Oscars are just days away—which means movie fans are locking in their predictions, nominees are putting the finishing touches on their red-carpet looks, and we’re ready to name the most popular movie trailer on YouTube.

May we have the envelope, please …

Our special-edition YouTube Movie Trailers Leaderboard ranks the top performing Best Picture nominee trailers, including both studio channels and popular aggregators. This year, the nine trailers are all blockbusters, racking up 3M hours of watch time.1 That’s the equivalent of about 25M viewings of the Oscar-nominated animated short, “Borrowed Time.”

The most popular trailer came right down to the wire. And the winner is … “La La Land,” which took home the #1 spot on our Leaderboard, followed closely by “Arrival” and “Hacksaw Ridge.”1 Head over to Think with Google to see how the other Best Picture nominees fared.

The movie space on YouTube

While the best picture nominees span a variety of genres, superhero trailers are the most viewed according to new research on the movie space on YouTube from third party researcher Pixability. Superhero trailers have the highest average number of views per video,2 and superhero, animated, and science fiction trailers make up 74 of the top 100 most viewed trailers.2

Pixability also found that while trailers are the most popular type of movie content on YouTube,2 songs (both official clips and covers by fans) are actually the most engaging type of movie content.3 Movie musicals like “La La Land” are certainly having their day in the sun—and YouTube viewers are singing right along.

Case in point: “La La Land” is running away with the competition for YouTube views among the nominees for Best Original Score, with over 1 billion views of its music, both in clips of the movie and covers by fans.4

Google News Lab looked at trailer trends from another angle entirely: geography. Think you can guess which movie trailers were most popular on the coasts? West Texas? The Pacific Northwest? Take a look.

Before the winner is crowned on Sunday, pop some popcorn and don’t forget to take a spin through all the top Best Picture trailers over at Think with Google.

Meredith Argeris, YouTube Marketing, recently watched “La La Land (2016 Movie) Official Trailer – ‘Dreamers’.”

1 The YouTube Movie Trailers Leaderboard includes views on videos from some of the most popular trailer aggregators as part of our count. Ranking is determined by an algorithm that factors in paid views, organic views, and audience retention (how much of a video people watched) through 2/13/17. Trailers must be for movies nominated for Best Picture and included the top performing trailer for each nominee. YouTube global data, 1/1/16-2/13/17.
2 Pixability, “Movies on YouTube,” February 2017. “Most popular” is based on number of videos and views.
3 Pixability, “Movies on YouTube,” February 2017. “Most engaging” is based on total likes, comments, and shares. Songs refers to music and lyric videos of either full movie soundtracks or songs attributed to a top movie.
4 YouTube data, 1/1/16–2/1/17.

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Playboy goes full-frontal, again

Playboy is bringing nudity back to the magazine a year after striking totally bare bodies from its pages. In October 2015, the publication's CEO Scott Flanders said that nudity was "passé" when you can find it in any form imaginable online. Bu…
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Meizu’s m3s goes head-to-head with Xiaomi’s Redmi 3S, even down to the low, low price

Not wanting to be left behind by OnePlus and Xiaomi, Chinese manufacturer Meizu unveiled the m3s, the company’s latest budget phone that pushes the boundaries of what “budget” means.

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Down goes the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on its first day

Good news! T-Mobile Tuesdays is working properly now. THANK YOU for being such awesome & patient Un-carrier customers! #GetThanked — T-Mobile (@TMobile) June 7, 2016 Update (6/7/16 @ 7:35PM ET): T-Mobile says the servers are now ready for customers to make requests. Original Story (6/7/16 @ 12:32PM ET): There’s already a wave of problems for T-Mobile […]

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Microsoft temporarily kills AI chatbot Tay after it goes full Nazi

Microsoft created an AI chatbot for Twitter, Kik, and GroupMe, but it pulled the plug after Tay was posting racist and genocidal tweets. Tay has nearly 100,000 tweets, and was only alive for a day before the Redmond company turned it off.

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128GB ASUS ZenFone Zoom goes up for pre-order in India


The ASUS ZenFone Zoom just went for pre-order on Flipkart in India. Other than Taiwan, the company’s homeland, and the United States, India is the only other country accepting pre-orders.

The ASUS ZenFone Zoom combines a high quality camera into a smartphone while maintaining a fairly thin profile. In matter of fact, ASUS is saying that this is the only smartphone in existence with 3X optical zoom in a body this thin. For a more in-depth look at the list of specifications, view this article covered by a member of our team when the device first released.

The ASUS ZenFone Zoom costs INR 37,999 on Flipkart. This is approximately $ 560 in USD. That will get you a whopping 128GB of internal storage. It’s available in choice of white or black, both in which are still in stock. The device is expected to launch in India early February. This is when all pre-orders will be sent out.

Source: Flipkart
Via: India Today

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Starbucks convenient in-app, order-ahead service goes live across the U.K.

Next time you’re craving a Starbucks coffee, skip the line and order ahead. Following the launch in the U.S, Starbucks customers across the U.K. can now take advantage of the convenient new feature.

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Moovit’s Bike Share integration goes live in over 110 cities worldwide


Cities in every part of the world have systems that allow people to rent bicycles to travel from place-to-place. The benefits vary for everyone, but I think it’s best if you’d like to avoid mass transit and enjoy the city around you. My recent trip to New York City proved to me that a lot of people really take advantage of Citi Bike, the United States’ largest bike sharing system. At each block, someone was coming down the street on one of these rented bikes. So it’s clearly becoming a rising form of transportation. Moovit, the local transit app that started focusing on smaller means of travel, is proud to announce Bike Share integration in more than 100 cities worldwide.

Moovit’s addition of Bike Share means that you don’t have to jump between apps in order to rent a bike and get pedaling around a city. Directions to the bike sharing hub are provided in the same nature that Moovit gets you to any other place.


Here’s how to use Moovit’s Bike Share:

  1. Find the preferred location on the map and see the number of available bikes noted on the map icon
  2. Tap the icon to review either the number of available bikes to ride, or the number of empty slots for locations to which users want to return your bike
  3. Tap Get Directions and Moovit will provide step-by-step to the bike

Over twenty-five new cities are also being added to Moovit. Mumbai (India), Stuttgart (Germany), Patra (Greece), Clermont-Ferrand (France), Andorra la Vella (Andorra), Puebla & Mérida (México), Apucarana, Parnaíba, Caxias do Sul & Campina Grande (Brazil), Ferrol, Toledo, Murcia, Logroño (Spain) and fourteen Canadian cities are included in the update. So you can travel in almost 1,000 cities worldwide and join the 28 million people that are already using Moovit.

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Huawei’s first smartwatch finally goes on sale in the UK

It's taken a while, but companies are finally getting better at smartwatch design. Following the original Moto 360, we're starting to see some stylish Android Wear devices, like the long-awaited Huawei Watch. We first clapped eyes on this circular…
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Le 1s News: LeTv’s flagship racks up more than 11 million pre-orders, goes on sale in China

Chinese brand LeTv has announced another new phone. The Le 1s is an all-metal device with a surprisingly high specification, but it’ll be sold at a low price. The company still intends to launch in the U.S., but is keeping quiet on when that will happen.

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YouTube goes (even more) global!

If you’re watching a YouTube video today, chances are you’re not in the United States. More than 80 percent of YouTube’s billions of views each day come from fans in countries outside the U.S., and the videos and creators they’re watching are just as global.

We want to make sure the videos you see when you fire up YouTube are relevant to you, wherever you’re watching. That’s why we’re launching even more local country versions of YouTube, connecting fans with creators in their home countries and giving those creators a way to earn money from their popularity. With the addition of the Adriatics, Baltics, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Belarus, YouTube now has local versions in 85 countries.

For fans in these countries, this means easily discovering local creators and content. In Kazakhstan, you’ll find local talent such as DynastyofCat, a hugely popular DIY and vlogging channel, or even local broadcasters like TheSevenChannel, right there on the homepage. In Belarus, you can find 17-year-old vlogger DimaErmuzevich who regularly reaches more than 400K fans; and the Serbian music channel Grand Production, which has grown a following throughout the Balkans and beyond with their folk music.

Local versions of YouTube are good news for creators, too. It opens up the opportunity for creators to become a partner, earn money from their channels, and gain access to tools and resources that can help them make the most of YouTube. Creators can access online lessons via the YouTube Creator Academy to get started and learn best practices, and the Creator Community gives creators a place to meet each other, find collaborations, and more. We hope that this will allow more creators to bring more of their ideas and talents to YouTube for all of us to enjoy.

So whether you’re viewing us from,, or, you’ve now got your own YouTube that not only connects you with a community of a billion people, but helps you see the creativity going on right in your backyard.

Marenco Kemp, Head of EMEA Online Partnerships, recently watched “Top10Memes: Top 10 Facts – Lego.”

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