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What’s on TV: ‘Days Gone,’ ‘Alien’ 4K, and ‘She-Ra’

The NBA and NHL playoffs are continuing, but this weekend the big battle is expected on a super-sized episode of Game of Thrones. For gamers, Days Gone is finally ready for your PS4, while a 40th Anniversary release of Alien celebrates the movie on 4…
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‘Tell Me A Story’ trailer shows fairy tales gone horribly wrong

Add CBS All Access to the ranks of streaming services delivering appropriately eerie shows for Halloween. It used a New York Comic-Con panel to premiere the trailer for Tell Me A Story, an original series mashing up three fairy tales ("Three Little P…
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RIP Wear24: Verizon’s exclusive Android Wear smartwatch is gone

Remember Wear24, that LTE-enabled Android Wear device that came out of nowhere alongside the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style? If you completely forgot about it, that’s fine. It definitely didn’t take the market by storm. In fact, after just a few months of being available, it looks like Verizon has already axed the device […]

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Samsung’s flagship test drive has gone way better than expected

Samsung_flagships_test drive_sold out_screenshot_082215Yesterday Samsung began a new service to test drive one of its newest flagships for only $ 1 so long as you live in the U.S. and have an iPhone under contract. Today we are getting a report from Samsung that apparently the test drive went so well, the company is already out of test units.

I’m sure this is just what the company wanted to see. Samsung says the service was more popular than it examined and has promised to add more units to the service shortly. In case you have forgotten here is how the service works:

iPhone users living in the United States can get a brand new Samsung flagship smartphone of their choice for only $ 1 for 30 days. The smartphone will include a pre-installed sim card for testing purposes. After the 30 day trial ends, users will be given 5 days to return the handset if they don’t like it. If they decide to keep the smartphone, Samsung will send owners a manual containing information on how to easily transfer files from your iPhone to your new Samsung smartphone for easier convenience. As long as the condition of the smartphone is kept to a minimum, users won’t be charged anything additional when handing it back.

Apple seemed to have gained a lot of Android users when switching over to the larger screened iPhones this year and Samsung believes it can win Apple users back over with their new service. If you’re looking to get a test drive, Samsung says the best thing you can do right now is keep checking the page, which can be seen at the source link. From what we have heard so far, the service almost seems to good to be true.

Source: Samsung
Via: PhoneArena

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This is the furthest anyone has ever gone on a hoverboard

A Canadian inventor has gone four times further on a hoverboard than anyone ever has before — though we don’t know much more about his futuristic mode of transportation or how it works.

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