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Cooper FX Arcades review: Plumbing the depths of lo-fi guitar effects

Let’s get one thing out of the way right up front: Yes, the main conceit of the $ 329 Cooper FX Arcades is a little gimmicky. It’s a guitar pedal into which you stick cards to apply different effects, kinda like a game console. But while the somewhat…
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Yamaha updates its THR desktop guitar amps for the first time in years

The pressure waves from a cranked 100-watt tube amp could kill any insects or small rodents in close proximity. Even low-powered, solid state practice amplifiers can be too loud for apartment dwellers. To get around extreme noise issues, Yamaha's THR…
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Fender’s new guitar amps can be fine-tuned from your phone

Fender first revealed its mobile software plans back in August of last year when the guitar maker's digital arm debuted a tuner app for iOS. In November, we learned the company had guitar amplifiers in the works that would wirelessly sync settings wi…
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