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FBI program helps companies fool hackers with ‘decoy data’

The FBI thinks it has a way for companies to limit the damage from data breaches: lure thieves into taking the wrong data. Ars Technica has learned of an FBI program, IDLE (Illicit Data Loss Exploitation), that has companies plant "decoy data" to co…
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Hackers targeted BMW, Hyundai in hunt for trade secrets

Two of the world's larger car makers were the victims of a sophisticated (but still not very successful) hacking campaign. Bayerricscher Rundfunk has learned that intruders from the hacking group OceanLotus slipped into the networks of BMW and Hyund…
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Hackers broke into a contractor for Russia’s spy agency

The Russian government is used to perpetrating hacks, but it just became a target — and the data says a lot about its goals. A hacking group nicknaming itself 0v1ru$ infiltrated the servers of SyTech, a contractor for the FSB intelligence agency on…
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US Cyber Command warns of nation-state hackers exploiting Outlook

The recent surge in state-backed hacking campaigns isn't dying down any time soon. US Cyber Command has reported that unnamed state actors are making "active malicious use" of a 2017-era Outlook vulnerability (long since patched) to escape the email…
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Internet Explorer security flaw allows hackers to steal files

Microsoft's Internet Explorer has a longstanding reputation for poor security, but it's now bad enough that you could be attacked jut by having it on your PC. Security researcher John Page has revealed an unpatched exploit in the web browser's handl…
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British Airways hackers used same tools behind Ticketmaster breach

The British Airways web hack wasn't an isolated incident. Analysts at RiskIQ have reported that the breach was likely perpetrated by Magecart, the same criminal enterprise that infiltrated Ticketmaster UK. In both cases, the culprits used similar v…
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North Korea hackers steal bitcoin by targeting currency insiders

Bitcoin values are skyrocketing, and North Korea appears to be trying to profit from that virtual gold rush. Secureworks reports that the Lazarus Group (a team linked to the North Korean government) has been conducting a spearphishing campaign again…
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Hackers tried selling celebrity info stolen from Instagram

News that someone exploited an Instagram security hole to steal info from some of its most popular accounts got worse when they began selling it. The Verge reports this dark web service is no longer available, but The Daily Beast chatted with operato…
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Qatar blames current crisis on fake news inserted by hackers

This week a diplomatic crisis hit the Middle East as several countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Maldives) cut ties with Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorist groups. Now Qatar's foreign ministry has issu…
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Hackers are now using WhatsApp to target unsuspecting users

WhatsApp users should tread carefully. Hackers are now using the messaging platform to send viruses through legit-looking Word documents. Two viruses have been identified in India, a hotbed of low-end Android devices.

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After the election, hackers target think tanks with phishing attacks

Now that the election is over, the Russian teams of hackers suspected of breaking into the Democratic Party's systems have reportedly launched a new phishing attack on US political think tanks and non-government organizations. Incident response firm…
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Yelp is offering ‘nice’ hackers up to $15,000 to squash its bugs

Yelp has joined the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Facebook with the launch of its own bug bounty program aimed at rooting out security flaws in its online offerings. Open to the public, the company is offering a top cash reward of $ 15K for the best work.

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Forget your bank, hackers say we should worry about smart sex toy privacy

It’s natural to worry about data privacy, but we tend to do it about banks, passwords, and email accounts. A hacking team now says we should be concerned about the things smart sex toys reveal about our intimate lives as well.

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Hackers arrested after stealing more than 30 Jeeps in Texas

This article has been updated with comments from FCA. It seems the news regarding vehicle hacking continues to get worse, especially when it comes to products from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Last year, a Jeep Cherokee in St. Louis, Missouri, was wir…
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eBay bug lets hackers embed malicious code into auction pages

Security firm Check Point Software has discovered an eBay vulnerability that gives attackers a way to use the website to phish unsuspecting users or to infect their devices. So long as attackers use a programming technique known as JSFUCK, they can b…
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Hackers have been paid $1 million for breaking into iOS 9

An unnamed group of hackers have claimed the $ 1 million prize for hacking iOS 9 using sophisticated techniques, after the bounty was offered by security company Zerodium last month. The company plans to sell the hack to its customers.

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Hackers could steal Android users’ fingerprints: HTC and Samsung comment

Fingerprints are completely secure, right? Wrong. A new vulnerability was discovered with Android phones in which hackers could steal fingerprints without the user knowing. Researchers say it can be done on a “large scale.”

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