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Fiat Chrysler may strike Renault deal to survive changing car industry

Fiat Chrysler hasn't been on the cutting edge of automotive change as of late. Unless you count concepts like the Centoventi, the company hasn't done much with EVs — and its support for autonomy mostly involves supplying minivans to Waymo. The aut…
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FTC task force will investigate tech industry competition

The FTC is about to step up its scrutiny of tech companies. The Commission has created a task force devoted to investigating competition in the tech industry. It will "coordinate and consult with" FTC staff on related subjects, including both poten…
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Shutdown means government won’t engage with the tech industry at CES

It's not just FCC Chairman Ajit Pai who'll back out of CES as a result of the US government shutdown. The Consumer Technology Association has confirmed that at least ten government officials have cancelled their speaking engagements at the technolog…
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Spotify event series offers aspiring artists music industry tips

Spotify appears to be on a mission to aid emerging artists as much as possible, with efforts including allowing them to upload music directly to the streaming service and offering some of them advances for licensing their work. The latest plan to hel…
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Trump will meet with video game industry leaders on March 8th

After a little bit of back and forth, it appears that the White House's meeting with the video game industry is on. At today's press briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that a meeting will take place this Thursday,…
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England isn’t windy enough for new turbines, claims industry boss

Every country has its stereotypes, but England will always be famous for its terrible weather. You'd think a land labeled for its cold, wet and windy conditions would be ideal for generating energy, but it turns out that isn't the case. The head of t…
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To save Earth, Jeff Bezos wants to move heavy industry to outer space

To help preserve Earth, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos believes all heavy industry should be moved to space while the globe should be zoned strictly for residential and light industrial uses.

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Wearables are already impacting the healthcare industry, and here’s how

With the ubiquity of fitness trackers that promise to keep tabs on your heart rate, your sleeping cycles, and your well-being, it’s no surprise that the healthcare industry has been one of the most heavily impacted by the wearable boom.

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Tim Cook expects ‘massive change’ in the auto industry

In an interview yesterday evening at the WSJD Live event in Laguna Beach, California, Tim Cook didn't spend too much time talking about phones and computers. Rather, he chatted about the company's newest and more forward-thinking endeavors like the…
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