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More states join lawsuit to keep 3D-printed gun plans off the internet

On August 1st, Defense Distributed was set to upload designs of 3D-printed guns for the public to buy and download. But the day before, a Seattle judge temporarily blocked their release after seven states and Washington, DC sued the company and State…
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Moto X4 will join the Amazon Prime Exclusive program for those who tolerate lock screen ads

Back in June 2016, Amazon started the Prime Exclusive program that offered Prime members select smartphones at a nice discount, but just being a paying member wasn’t enough. The phones came with Amazon’s ads and offers plastered all over the lock screen. For many users, the lock screen is just a speed bump to get […]

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ONE + YouTube: Join us in saying ALL #GirlsCount

One hundred and thirty million girls will not go to school today. These girls will be denied the joy of reading a great book, the triumph of finally figuring out an equation, and the opportunity to determine their own future.

But it is not just these girls who suffer. The entire world is missing out on a huge opportunity.  The next world-changing breakthrough might be built in a garage in Silicon Valley but if all girls had access to an education, it could also stem from the imagination of someone in South Sudan. Closing the gender gap in education could generate an additional $ 112-152 billion a year for the economies of developing countries. And 130 million more educated girls would lead to 130 million more empowered women in the world.

Neither of us could be where we are today if we had been denied this right. Everything we have achieved in our careers was made possible by the quality education that shaped our lives. A seat at the table, whether in Silicon Valley, Washington, D.C., or Addis Ababa starts with a seat in the classroom. Equality anywhere won’t be possible until girls everywhere get the education they deserve and it is our belief in this world-changing idea that brings us together today to raise our voices for #GirlsCount.

YouTube Creators for Change and ONE are united in the belief that there is power in every voice and that every girl counts. That’s why YouTube and its incredible community of creators have joined with ONE to bring attention to the 130 million girls who don’t yet have access to an education. Our goal is simple: create the longest video in history, by counting every single girl out of school. Visit to choose your number and submit your contribution.

Top YouTubers like TheSorryGirls, Whitney White, and Maddu Magalhães, are all coming together to say #GirlsCount and demanding that our leaders listen. Aboubakar Idriss has generations of female relatives, including his sister, that are unable to read or write due to being kept out of school and hopes this can shine a light on stories like theirs.

Ensuring that every girl gets the education she deserves is going to take a global effort. Policy-makers and pop stars, CEOs and storytellers, and millions of voices in every country must speak out and urge leaders to act. 130 million girls deserve no less.

Join us as we stand together to say #GirlsCount.

Posted by Gayle Smith, ONE CEO, and Danielle Tiedt, YouTube Vice President of Marketing

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Moto X4 to join the Google Project Fi line-up

Earlier today we reported on Google’s plans to add a mid-tier smartphone as a choice for consumers based on feedback they had been receiving. In their tweet announcing plans to add a new device, Project Fi was very vague only indicating it would be “from one of our partners.” A new report from Evan Blass […]

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Join Talk Android as its assistant video editor!

If you’ve checked out our YouTube channel in recent weeks, you probably noticed something is different. We’re in the process of overhauling our video strategy under Kent Oki’s lead. That’s why the videos are really solid these days. Now we’re seeking an assistant video editor to contribute when needed. We want you to focus on […]

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Join Talk Android as a writer!

We all have opinions. We don’t all have the platform to share them. Now’s your chance to take your opinions into the spotlight. Talk Android is looking for a Writer who can contribute news posts, opinions, and guides for a global audience. Every week we’d like for you to produce content that stands out. So […]

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Google’s Project Fi no longer requires an invitation to join

After nearly a year, Google is ready to drop the velvet ropes that have kept Project Fi off-limits for most Americans. As of today, anyone in the US can sign up for the simpler, data-centric wireless service without requiring an invitation — if you'…
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