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Uber and LinkedIn attackers plead guilty to hacking and extortion

The hackers who infiltrated Uber's and LinkedIn-owned's Amazon web servers have pleaded guilty in California federal court to charges of computer hacking and extortion conspiracy. Canadian national Vasile Mereacre and Florida resident Brand…
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LinkedIn built a Tinder for business advice

The ability to swipe left and right to determine if you want to do business with someone is Tinder's signature feature. It's been copied by hundreds of imitators, but few would have expected the staid LinkedIn to be one of them. The Microsoft-owned p…
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Russia is blocking LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is still waiting for the ink to dry on Microsoft's $ 26.2 billion deal, the Russian government is gearing up to ban the professional networking site altogether. As the New York Times reports, a local court in Moscow has ruled that Linke…
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