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Razer’s latest wireless mice promise low-lag gaming from $60

Razer is expanding its Basilisk mouse family with a pair of models that aim to make low-latency wireless mice both more accessible and more powerful. The most interesting model may be the affordable option, the six-button Basilisk X HyperSpeed (abov…
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3D-printed ovaries successfully produce healthy mice pups

Scientists all over the globe are working on the best way to 3D print different human organs for transplant. A team from Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine and McCormick School of Engineering, for instance, are developing 3D-printe…
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Lab-grown sperm cells have produced viable baby mice

Who run the world? Girls. Maybe quite literally, quite soon. Especially now that Chinese scientists have published a new study in the Journal Cell Stem Cell suggesting they’ve managed to engineer viable sperm from stem cells.

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Scientists extend the lifespan of mice by up to 35 percent

Would you like to live 35 percent longer? Apparently the trick is removing worn-out "senescent' cells that have a degenerative affect on your body. "Cellular senescence is a biological mechanism that functions as an 'emergency brake' used by damaged…
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