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MIT’s sensor-packed glove helps AI identify objects by touch

Researchers have spent years trying to teach robots how to grip different objects without crushing or dropping them. They could be one step closer, thanks to this low-cost, sensor-packed glove. In a paper published in Nature, a team of MIT scientists…
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MIT’s self-driving car can navigate unmapped country roads

There's a good reason why companies often test self-driving cars in big cities: they'd be lost most anywhere else. They typically need well-labeled 3D maps to identify curbs, lanes and signs, which isn't much use on a backwoods road where those feat…
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MIT’s $10,000 robotic furniture is making its way to small homes

A few years ago, MIT designed a piece of furniture worth $ 10,000 — not because it's made of luxury materials, but because it can transform at the press of a button. Now, that piece of robotic furniture called "Ori Systems" is available for pre-order…
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MIT’s app only needs a second to teach you a new language

You know the seconds and minutes you waste waiting for the elevator to arrive, for a friend to reply to an IM or for a website to load? A team of MIT CSAIL researchers believe you can put them to good use, so they created a series of apps called the…
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Despite being made of 90 percent water, MIT’s hydrogel superglue is ridiculously strong

MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering developed a synthetic hydrogel that is strong enough to compare with industrial superglue, but is made of 90 percent water. The synthetic adhesive is inspired by natural occurring hydrogels, like in barnacles and mussels.

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MIT’s online master’s courses sound like an incredible deal

Move over University of Phoenix, MIT has announced that you can now obtain a highly-regarded Masters degree in Supply Chain Management (mainly) online. The new 14-week credential is called a MicroMaster's and will be open to anyone and once complet…
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