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Nintendo Direct will show off Super Nintendo World on Friday

The US Super Nintendo World theme park is still a few years away from opening, but in Japan the Universal Studios expansion will open its doors in the spring. In lieu of going to see it yourself, you can get a look inside via a 15 minute live stream…

Super Nintendo Land will open in Japan on February 4th, 2021

Super Nintendo World, the much anticipated “life-size, living video game” theme park will open on February 4th in Osaka, Universal Studios Japan has announced. The opening date is a welcome surprise, as Universal and Nintendo last said that the park…

Nintendo is bringing the Switch to Brazil at last

More than five years after it stopped all of its direct sales in Brazil, Nintendo says it will soon release the Switch in the country. Since the console’s debut in 2017, the only way people there have been able to get their hands on the Switch is thr…
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Nintendo ‘gigaleak’ reveals the classic games that never were

If you’ve ever wondered how Nintendo’s classic games evolved before they reached store shelves, you might have a good chance to find out. According to VGC, (via Eurogamer) a “gigaleak” of Nintendo art assets and source code from the mid-1990s has sur…
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Nintendo says 140,000 more NNID accounts have been illegally accessed

Nintendo shut down NNID logins back in April after it discovered hackers had compromised some 160,000 accounts using legacy credentials. Now, the company says that figure was more like 300,000. In a Japanese language statement posted today, Nintendo…
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Modding a Moto Mod: We put Nintendo Switch grips on a Moto Mod Gamepad

Android gaming is a pretty big deal, to put it bluntly. There are an absolute ton of games available on the Google Play Store, obviously, with everything ranging from match-three puzzle games, RPGs, first-person shooters, sandbox games, simulations, platformers… if you can imagine it, there’s probably some variation of it available for Android. And despite […]

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Pokémon Home is now available on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android

After a short wait, Pokémon Home is now available to download on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo-made app allows you to transfer your Pokémon to the franchise's latest entry, Pokémon Sword and Shield, from past Swi…
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‘Saints Row IV: Re-Elected’ comes to Nintendo Switch on March 27th

While we have yet to hear new details about Saints Row V, you'll be able to play the franchise's best entry on Nintendo Switch when a port of the 2013 classic called Saints Row IV: Re-Elected comes out on March 27th.
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The legendary Nintendo PlayStation prototype is up for auction

For years it was the stuff of legend — a games console that incorporated both a CD drive and SNES cartridge slot made with the official backing of PlayStation and Nintendo? Unlikely. But back in 2015 we saw the magical prototype for ourselves and ev…
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Wirecutter’s best deals: Save $15 on a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Read Wirecutter's continuously updated list of deals here.
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Nintendo has ‘no plans’ to reveal a new Switch at E3 this year

If you've been waiting for a cheaper, kid-proof Nintendo Switch, bad news: the company won't reveal one at E3 this year. "As a general rule, we're always working on new hardware and we will announce it when we are able to sell it," Nintendo CEO Shunt…
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Nintendo Game Boy at 30: As fun as it ever was

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Game Boy's release in Japan. Three decades ago, the portable gaming landscape would change forever. Whether you owned a Game Boy or not, it's likely something you're familiar with. The legacy reaches far beyond…
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UK investigates Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony over game service practices

Do you feel that game console giants hold you over a barrel by making you subscribe to a service to play online? You might have an ally in your corner. The UK's Competition and Markets Authority is investigating Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony to see…
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Nintendo could launch two new Switch consoles this year

Nintendo might launch two new Switches as early as this summer, reports the WSJ. As previously rumored, one would likely be a smaller and cheaper model with a focus on portability. However, Nintendo might also release a higher-end model Switch aimed…
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Nintendo is making a ‘Dr. Mario World’ mobile game with Line

Nintendo is developing yet another mobile game, this time making Mario put on the lab coat he wore once back in the '90s. The gaming giant has announced that it's working on an action puzzle game entitled Dr. Mario World with Line Corp. If it's anyth…
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Nintendo Switch outsold every other console in the US last year

Demand for the Nintendo Switch didn't cool down one iota in 2018. The NPD Group has published its sales data for last year, and the Switch was the top-selling system in the US both in terms of dollars and raw unit count, outpacing a previous record…
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YouTube is available for the Nintendo Switch

After some not-so-subtle hints, it finally happened: YouTube is available for the Switch. As you'd expect, you can watch videos (including your subscriptions) on Nintendo's console whether it's docked to your TV or on the move in handheld mode. You…
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‘Dark Souls: Remastered’ arrives on Nintendo Switch October 19th

Dark Souls fans have eagerly been awaiting the release of the game on Nintendo Switch, and now we finally have a date for you. The remastered port and its matching amiibo will land on October 19th.
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Nintendo unveils a ‘Minecraft’ Creeper 2DS XL special edition

Nintendo's 2DS XL is not just a throwback 3DS console (without the 3D), but also a blank canvas for special editions like the Zelda Link Shield version. That goes triply for Japan's equivalent 2DS LL version, where Nintendo just launched three new cr…
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It’s now safe to skin your Nintendo Switch

When it became clear that vinyl wraps and other stickers were damaging the Switch, you could practically hear the wailing from console customizers everywhere. How were you supposed to add a personal touch to Nintendo's machine without giving it a pe…
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Nintendo knows you will destroy Labo’s cardboard

It's fair to say that the first reactions to Nintendo's Labo kits were…mixed. Did it usher in a new era of DIY fun, or was the veteran video game company making bank off selling expensive stacks of cardboard? Once we got our hands on it, some of ou…
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‘A Normal Lost Phone’ arrives on Nintendo Switch March 1st

A Normal Lost Phone is the kind of indie game that seizes a tricky niche (mobile gaming) and leans into the form factor for a unique experience — a Gone Home or Life Is Strange that takes place entirely within a mock phone interface. The game will l…
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Nintendo will close its Wii Shop Channel in 2019

A month after Nintendo launched the Wii in November 2006, the company introduced the Wii Shop Channel, a marketplace for downloading apps to the system. Over a decade and two console generations later, Nintendo is shutting it down…eventually. Today…
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Culinary co-op ‘Overcooked’ arrives on Nintendo Switch

Overcooked, the game from publisher Team17 and developer Ghost Town Games that has players chaotically cooking recipes and serving dishes is now available for Nintendo Switch. The game has been well received with nominations for multiple Independent…
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Nintendo Switch Online app pops up a few days before the service is live

The true, full-fledged online gaming platform from Nintendo is approaching showtime. Nintendo won’t begin offering the service until Friday, but the company is already letting owners of the Switch grab the companion app for their mobile devices. The Nintendo Switch Online app went live on Google Play and the Apple App Store three days before the […]

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Nintendo Switch locks eShop games to your ‘active’ console

Nintendo's excellent but imperfect Switch console is hitting stores and shipping out to homes today, but there's still a few odd details sprouting up. It appears that the Nintendo Account, which replaces the Nintendo Network ID, ties itself to whiche…
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Samsung pays tribute to Nintendo with its Wiimote-like Gear VR Controller

At Mobile World Congres in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung and Facebook’s Oculus Rift division announced the Gear VR controller, a virtual reality gamepad. Here is our first impression of the controller.

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Weekly rewind: Nintendo Switch incoming, incredible space photos, Vegas’ self-driving buses

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it’s almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from this week.

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Nintendo hid a secret message in the Famicom Mini

The NES Classic and it's Japanese counterpart are already incredibly cool — but you know what makes an awesome toy even better? A secret message. Apparently, developers that worked on the Famicom Mini emulator left a short, hidden message in the cod…
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Nintendo tackles 3DS piracy with ‘freeShop’ takedown

Homebrew software designed to imitate the Nintendo eShop has been issued a takedown notice by the house of Mario. FreeShop allows 3DS owners to browse, search and download games using "titlekeys," a form of encryption employed by Nintendo for its onl…
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Nintendo will for success in mobile games, new hardware and maybe even VR in 2016

After reporting shrinking profits, Nintendo teased upcoming projects and new areas of corporate “interest,” including mobile gaming, virtual reality, and the upcoming NX console.

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Unofficial Amiibo can use data for any Nintendo figurine

Haven't had any luck scoring the Amiibo you need to unlock certain goodies in a Wii U or 3DS game? A very, very unofficial accessory might help. Axiogame's Amiiqo device uses an Android app to load the data from any Amiibo (it can store up to 200),…
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