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First person sentenced for SIM hijacking faces 10 years in prison

SIM card hijackers are starting to face the consequences of their actions. California college student Joel Ortiz has agreed to a plea deal that will have him serve 10 years in prison for stealing over $ 5 million in cryptocurrency through SIM swappin…
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Swann sends home camera footage to the wrong person

Following a similar snafu in which Alexa sent a recording from one user to another, Swann Security could be in hot water after someone saw footage from a stranger's camera in their own app. The person who received the motion-triggered video was actua…
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‘Away’ is a full-length CG movie made by one person

A boy dangling from a tree in a barren desert. A forest filled with standing stones that have circular holes punched through them. Turtle-riding cats. Spooky caves. Curious elephants. These are just a few of the shots in the first trailer for Away. T…
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