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Half of phishing sites trick you into thinking they’re ‘secure’

You can't assume that a site is honest because it has that "secure" padlock in the address bar, and PhishLabs just illustrated why. The anti-phishing company has determined that 49 percent of all known phishing sites used Secure Sockets Layer protec…
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Beware phishing emails posing as Google Docs invites

If you received an out-of-the-blue email purporting to share a Google Docs file, you're not alone — and whatever you do, don't click the link inside. Many people online, including more than a few journalists, have been bombarded with phishing email…
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After the election, hackers target think tanks with phishing attacks

Now that the election is over, the Russian teams of hackers suspected of breaking into the Democratic Party's systems have reportedly launched a new phishing attack on US political think tanks and non-government organizations. Incident response firm…
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