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Plex for Kodi is now free for everyone

If you're all about a customized media center then you'll be familiar with Plex or Kodi, but getting the best of both services meant having a Plex Plus subscription. Until now, that is, as Plex has quietly made its Kodi add-on free to everyone. Now y…
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Alexa can now work inside of your Plex library

Plex has a pretty big announcement that will bring your media library into the world of connected gadgets; you’ll now be able to control your Plex setup with Alexa through any of Amazon’s compatible products. Considering how flexible and powerful Plex is, this is a game changer for home media enthusiasts. This integration goes much […]

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Plex Cloud lets you dump your home media server

Thanks to streaming, physical formats like CDs and Blu-rays aren't as popular than they once were. Some people choose to sign up for a monthly subscription like Netflix or Spotify, while others take the DIY approach. For many years, Plex has helped p…
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