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How to reset an iPad: Soft reset, force restart, and factory reset

If your iPad has frozen up or it’s acting a little strangely, you may want to consider resetting it. Here’s how to do it and what each option does to your iPad.
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How to reset Fitbit Versa

Here’s how to restart your Fitbit Versa, as well as perform a full factory reset when it’s time to sell or trade in your device.
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iOS 14 update fixes a bug that reset your browser and mail defaults

One of the notable changes in iOS 14 is that it finally allowed users to set new default apps for their web browser and email. Chrome, Firefox, Gmail and others are already taking advantage of the setting, but after the update rolled out last week, m…
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Researchers find Android factory reset faulty and reversible

Android’s factory reset function isn’t as effective as we’d all like it to be, according to a team of Cambridge University researchers. The group estimates that as many as 500 to 630 million Android devices might not be capable of completely wiping t…
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