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Amazon may finally bring its full retail business to Brazil

In 2017, Amazon Brazil started allowing third-party sellers to list their items on the website. Apparently, though, that could've been just the beginning of the e-commerce titan's expansion in the biggest retail market in Latin America. According to…
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Snap Spectacles hit retail in posh UK department store

You can get a pair of Snapchat Spectacles at vending machines in London. You can also grab them from Amazon or Snap itself online. The $ 129 glasses may be the flavor of the moment, but you wouldn't expect them to show up at any high-end fashion outle…
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Leaked retail packaging confirms two-camera setup for the OnePlus 5

The mobile industry is full of trends, but not every company immediately follows them. There are still multiple big players that don’t care to include a two-camera setup on their flagships. OnePlus, however, is going to join the craze this summer. Previous reports pointed to it, but now we have nearly clear confirmation that the […]

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Apple may open a retail store on Samsung’s turf in South Korea

South Korea doesn’t have an Apple store, but the iPhone maker is trying to change that. While Samsung already is dealing with the recall of its Galaxy Note 7, it now has to worry about a possible physical retail presence from its rival.

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