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Thieves swipe a portion of China’s solar road

Solar roads have plenty of potential problems, such as damage and snow, but theft? Apparently that's a concern, too. China's Qilu Evening News reported that thieves carved out a small (5.9in by 73in) portion of an experimental road in Jinan on Janu…
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Florida Gov: Use Google Maps for real-time road closure updates

Google and Florida have teamed up to make Maps a much more useful resource for the state's evacuation plans in preparation for Hurricane Irma's arrival. Florida Governor Rick Scott has advised residents to use various apps and websites to help them n…
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Eyes on the road! Samsung’s latest app replies to messages when you’re driving

Samsung Netherlands has built a new app that could help keep the roads a little safer — by automatically detecting when you’re driving or cycling and replying to your calls and messages.

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LeEco’s Android-powered smart road bike is for hardcore cyclists

LeEco, the eccentric maker of TVs, phones, cars and bikes, has a new pair of high-end smart bikes to show off here at CES 2017. The company hasn't even brought its original Super Bike to market yet, but it's already refined the concept to make its ne…
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Panoz unveils a concept version of its arrow-shaped road car

Panoz's years-long vision of an arrow-shaped road car is finally coalescing into something tangible. The automaker has unveiled a real-world concept version of the car, the DeltaWing GT, that shows that the idea isn't far-fetched. Despite Panoz's…
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