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Facebook stops scanning faces by default

Facebook is directly tackling complaints about its facial recognition practices for photo tagging. It's expanding access to its Face Recognition privacy setting (introduced in 2017) to all users, and will stop scanning faces by default. Those who d…
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Ticketmaster hopes to speed up event access by scanning your face

Ticketmaster envisions a future wherein you no longer need either a physical or a digital ticket to get into a venue. Its parent company Live Nation, has announced that the ticket sales giant has teamed up with and invested in a face recognition comp…
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Google wants native support for iris scanning in Android

Biometric security has been evolving pretty rapidly over the past few years, especially with Samsung debuting their version of iris scanning on the Galaxy Note 7 and following through with the Galaxy S8 and now Galaxy S9. It hasn’t completely replaced the fingerprint scanner as the default biometric lock screen, but we’re moving in that […]

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