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COP26 climate change deal falls short on coal targets

The COP26 climate conference has come to an end, but it probably won't satisfy some of its more outspoken critics. Reuters and The Washington Post report that the United Nations-helmed summit has reached a final deal on efforts to accelerate emissions reduction and otherwise keep to a Paris Agreement target of limiting global warming to 1.5C. There are some areas where the new arrangement (billed by the UN as the Glasgow Climate Pact) may offer significant progress, but there are also concerns it doesn't hold countries to stricter standards — including a move away from coal energy.

In negotiations that extended roughly a day past the original November 12th deadline, representatives from China and India successfully changed language in the COP26 agreement that asked countries to "phase-down" unabated coal use rather than "phase-out." While COP26 president Alok Sharma and numerous countries' delegates wanted the tougher language, Sharma said it was "vital" to protect the deal. However, there are worries this will give coal-dependent countries like China and India an excuse to avoid firmer commitments to emissions reduction.

Previous critics blasted wealthier nations for failing to act on a promise of giving poorer countries $ 100 billion per year until 2023 to help them deal with climate change. The Glasgow deal only committed to making a new plan in the next three years.

The final pact does include some notable measures. It asks countries "revisit and strengthen" their climate change plans before the end of 2022, as New Scientistnoted. Similarly, there's a strategy to address long-running disputes over global carbon credit markets. Numerous countries promised to reduce methane emissions and stop deforestation, and the agreement called for reduced subsidies on fossil fuels. Separately, the US and China reached a deal to limit climate change in the 2020s, including a new recognition from China that methane had a significant impact on rising temperatures.

Nonetheless, there are fears the COP26 arrangement is generally too soft. It doesn't set many binding targets. The final language only "requests" that countries rethink their plans, for instance. The pact might prompt some countries to step up their environmental initiatives, but others may face relatively few consequences if they fall short.

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New gaming platform will debut one short game each day of the year

A new gaming platform called Meditations could be a great fit for people who love playing those random online games a few minutes a day to decompress. It promises to launch one new "tiny game" every day in 2019, each one accompanied by text to serve…
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Short videos show the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its design

Go ahead, Samsung. Continue teasing the launch of your 2017 flagship. That’s not stopping the Galaxy S8 from leaking in various photographs and videos until the official announcement later this month. People are getting their hands on pre-release units and leaking the Galaxy S8 for looks that you can enjoy early. Today there’s another leak, […]

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Anki’s AI-powered Cozmo robot will soon recognize pets and repeat short phrases

A major update to Anki’s AI-powered Cozmo robot will imbue the toy with the ability to recognize dogs and cats, repeat short words and phrases, and play a new game inspired by the classic ’80s game Simon.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge used to make a professional quality short film


I have seen tons of comparisons between modern smartphone cameras and professional cameras over the years. Each year they get closer and closer, but not quite there yet. However, that doesn’t mean an excellent smartphone camera can’t be used to film a professional quality short film and look great.

Part 1 of the film has been released by Jens Rijsdijk, Sjoerd de Bont and Kuba Szutkowski, three up-and-coming directors who used an S6 Edge as their only camera. The short film also has an interesting idea behind it as this first part was shot by Sjoerd de Bont, and the next two parts will be shot by the other two directors. However, each director must continue off from where the last one started. As you’ll see by the part 1, it could go anywhere.

Samsung is using the film as a promotion for the Galaxy S6 Edge. Either way, it still shows just how great their smartphone camera is, and how it can be used to create professional quality films in the right hands.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source: Samsung

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Short of space? Make room for transformable furniture

We all have felt the desire to manage our living space. Check out five of our favorite pieces of furniture designed to open up your home, whether you’re in the market for a simple grill, hanging desk, or a full-sized kitchen housed in a box.

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