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OnePlus leaked user emails through ‘Shot On OnePlus’ photo sharing app

The Oppo spinoff’s latest in a long line of blunders involves the leaking of hundreds of user emails through the insecure servers of their photo sharing app. OnePlus has a long history of being caught up in lies, deceits, and other needless controversies; from confusingly pointless and offensive schemes such as ‘Ladies First’ awarding the […]

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NASA says satellite that India shot down may threaten the ISS

NASA chief Jim Bridenstine called India's destruction of one of its satellites a "terrible, terrible thing" that could endanger astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Addressing employees, he said a missile that shot down a satellit…
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Gorilla Glass 6 gives phones a better shot at surviving multiple drops

Toughened glass has long protected your phone against a singular drop, but one-and-done isn't how it works in real life — we've all seen butterfingers users whose device falls to the floor on a seemingly weekly basis. Those not-so-coordinated peopl…
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Jim Beam’s smart decanter will pour you a shot when you ask

What do you want in a smart speaker assistant? It might be to manage calendars and appointments. For others, it could be the ability to ask the speaker to play your favorite music. But for some, the real value in a smart speaker is its ability to dis…
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BioWare’s ‘Jade Empire’ gets another shot at life on iOS

BioWare is virtually synonymous with Mass Effect and Dragon Age these days, but it has had its share of experiments. Remember Jade Empire, its China-inspired (and critically well-received) action role-playing title? Aspyr does — it just released v…
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