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A Redditor is squeezing entire movies onto a single floppy disk

Sure, you can have an 8K TV displaying incredible visuals and a top-of-the-line sound system pumping out crystal-clear 22.2 channel audio. But why bother when you can fit an entire movie onto a floppy disk and use a custom VCR to play it?A Redditor n…

[Updated] Every single game on Google Stadia (up to August 14th)

After a rocky beginning, Google’s Stadia gaming platform is coming along nicely with support for more devices with each passing month. Just as important as the hardware, though, are the games that are the new titles that get added every month. Keeping track of the list of gaming titles can be a chore, which is […]

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AMD’s 4700G APU is a mid-range PC on a single chip

It's been a year since AMD's Zen 2 Ryzen 3000 CPUs changed the desktop PC market, with best-in-class productivity and "good enough" gaming performance. More recently, we've seen those same Zen 2 cores start making their way into laptops, with some st…
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Google Pixel 3 is the best scoring single lens Android phones from DxOMark

   The Pixel 3 has a phenomenal camera, and if you’ve seen the photos you don’t really need any numbers to tell you that. But if you do like numbers, you’ll be interested to see that the Google Pixel 3 has taken the highest DxOMark score for all single lens Android phones with a score of 101. […]

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New Official Artist Channels provide a single destination for artists and fans to connect

If you’re a music fan, one of the best things about YouTube is that you can find much more than just the official version of a song. Across the platform, you can find music videos, lyric videos, covers, unplugged sets, live performances, backstage footage of your favorite artist and more.

We launched Official Artist Channels last year to help make it easier for fans to find content from their favorite artists by uniting their full body of work (from official videos to live performances, to individual songs and albums) under one channel.

Today, we’re simplifying things even more by bringing together an artist’s subscribers under their Official Artist Channel. Uniting subscribers under one channel means you’ll be able to go deeper and explore all of the content from the artists you love. For fans looking for music from the artists they love, finding the Official Artist Channel for an artist will soon be as simple as searching for their name on YouTube. You can also identify the Official Artist Channel by looking for the artist icon (the musical note) in YouTube search and on the channel page.

If you’re currently subscribed to an unofficial artist channel, you will soon be subscribed to their Official Artist Channel and your subscription to any unofficial artist channels will become inactive. The Official Artist Channel is a single destination that gives you access to an artist’s full body of work, so you’ll now receive notifications solely from the Official Artist Channel whenever new videos are uploaded or when an artist wants to send a message to their fans.

For artists, uniting your subscribers under one channel means you have more reach to promote your latest releases. It also gives you (and your team if you’ve got one) control over your presence and the opportunity to engage directly with your fans through YouTube features like Community Posts, Mobile Live and Ticketing.

We will be expanding the roll-out of the new Official Artist Channels to artists on the platform over the coming weeks. Artists looking for more information on their Official Artist Channels can read more on the Help Center. Fans looking for more information on how to manage their channel subscriptions, notifications and search for channels can visit this Help Center article and view the informational video.

– YouTube Music Team

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