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Netflix snaps up ‘Chicken Run’ sequel from Aardman Animations

It’s been exactly 20 years since Ginger, Rocky and the rest of Aardman’s stop-motion chickens graced theaters in the US. Today, the animation studio — best known for Wallace & Gromit — has announced that the long-awaited Chicken Run sequel is com…
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Series will give Snap’s founding story the ‘Social Network’ treatment

Quibi, an upcoming mobile-first video streaming service, will create a series based on Snap's founding. Film executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman — HP Enterprise's former CEO and current Quibi chief — have announced their plans for Quibi an…
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Mars Express orbiter snaps stunning image of Korolev crater

The European Space Agency has released a gorgeous composite image of Mars' Korolev crater, an 82-kilometer-wide crater situated in the planet's northern lowlands. The ESA's Mars Express orbiter snapped pictures of the crater over the course of five o…
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Netflix snaps up two Cannes award winners despite feud

Just because Netflix couldn't compete at Cannes doesn't mean it's leaving the film festival empty-handed. The streaming video service has acquired the North American and Latin American rights to two Cannes award winners, Alice Rohrwacher's Happy as…
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Snapchat drops white frames around Snaps from Camera Roll

Snapchat has (finally!) completely killed off the white frame around snaps not captured with its own camera. The app's latest version drops the border when you add Snaps from the Camera Roll to your Story — an extension of its update last year, whic…
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Snapchat announces Context Cards, adding contextual information to Snaps

Snapchat has just added a useful new feature that butts heads with Google Assistant and other AI helpers on your phone. I never would’ve expected Snapchat to try and tackle that kind of market, but today we’re getting Context Cards in our Snaps. Context Cards display information about whatever Snap you’re viewing using information from […]

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Google snaps up the creators of a game-focused Android emulator

You can already run Android apps on a Chromebook, but would you run games and other intensive mobile apps on it? Probably not. However, Google might be taking steps to make that practical. The creators of LeapDroid, an Android emulator that specia…
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Snapchat unveils its first wearable: a chic pair of “Spectacles” that let you record snaps

Snapchat has finally revealed its first hardware product, and it’s not what everyone was expecting (well not quite). “Spectacles,” as the company has branded them, are a pair of video-recording sunglasses that sync with your smartphone.

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