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Sony’s RX100 Mark VI compact hides a ridiculous zoom lens

Sony has unveiled the RX100 Mark VI premium compact camera with a new telephoto lens that will make it a lot more interesting for travel photography. Rather than the Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 24-70mm equivalent F/1.8-2.8 T lens of the last model, the Mark V…
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Sony’s business stabilizes with strong PS4 game sales

Sony's latest earnings reveal a simple truth: former CEO Kaz Hirai left the company in a relatively good position. In the full year leading up to March 31st, 2018, the company raked in revenue of 8,544 billion yen (roughly $ 78.1 billion) and operatin…
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Here’s a look at Sony’s upcoming Xperia XA2, XA2 Ultra and L2

Sony’s mid-range Xperia XA, XA Ultra and L models are about to get a refresh, and unfortunately it appears to be more of the same. The company’s design language has stagnated for what seems like an eternity, while the rest of the market has moved on with modern, cutting edge devices. Companies like LG and […]

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Sony’s autonomous concept would make a great party bus

Sony's concept vehicle is all about entertainment on the go. Naturally. Its SC-1 (translated) is more or less a shuttle outfitted with high-res image sensors, displays, AI, 5G data connectivity via Docomo, alternative fuels, LIDAR and a bevy of ultra…
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‘It’ director Andy Muschietti signs on for Sony’s ‘Robotech’ movie

More than 30 years after the original series debuted on television, the classic Mecha anime Robotech will once again grace the silver screen. Sony announced on Monday that it had tapped Andy Muschietti, who just finished directing the reboot of Steph…
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Watch Sony’s E3 2017 event in under 15 minutes

Between us, I'm nearly heartbroken about Sony not sharing any details about The Last of Us: Part Two at its E3 2017 keynote yesterday. That said, the company did make some interesting reveals at the event, including the PlayStation 4-exclusive Spider…
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Sony’s got new mobile tech to show at MWC 2016

Sony will reveal new mobile hardware at Mobile World Congress 2016, at an event to be held on February 22. The company’s not hinting at what’s to come, but some of its older products are due an upgrade.

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Pre-orders begin in Singapore for Sony’s Xperia Z5 series

Androidsmartphones_Sony_xperia_z5_preorder_singapore_infographic_092715Sony Singapore will be among one of the first to get any of Sony’s new Xperia Z5 handsets. Users can now pre-order any of Sony’s new handsets, the Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact and the Xperia Z5 Preimuim through the company’s website.

Pre-orders for the handsets will go through October 11. Those who pre-order from now until October 11 will receive a bonus micro-USB charging dock that holds a value of $ 41 USD when buying standalone. Buyers will also get a chance at buying Sony’s high-resolution audio headset for only $ 35, down from $ 70.

Some things that make Sony’s new Z5 series a hit are being promoted through infographics on Sony’s site. The company puts high emphasis on its improved 23MP camera with fast auto-focusing, the handset’s new built-in fingerprint scanner and of course the long battery life that comes with most of Sony’s smartphones. Depending on the model, color options include black, gold, white and green. Let’s see if they ever make it to the states.

Source: Sony Singapore

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Sony’s Wena Wrist is a dumb watch with a high-tech band

Sony’s First Flight crowdfunding platform has just announced a project we think could really fly. The Wena Wrist comprises a stylish analog watch with a smart band, allowing you to potentially turn any dumb timepiece into a smartwatch.

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