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Google begins rolling out spam protection for Messages

Google has been rumored to deploy spam protection in Android’s default Messages app for some time now, and it looks like that feature is finally going live, at least for some users. Not everyone has it yet, but with so many people starting to see it pop up it shouldn’t take too long before it’s […]

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WhatsApp clamps down on forwarding to reduce hoaxes and spam

While parent company Facebook shifts policies on how to handle content that it said can lead to violence, WhatsApp is also in a state of change. A blog post describes how it's limiting the ability to forward messages to multiple chats at once, appare…
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iOS 12 uses third-party apps to report spam calls and messages

Right now, there isn't much you can do to fight spam calls and text messages directly from your iPhone. You can report iMessages, but not much more. That's all set to change with iOS 12, however. Hidden amidst the many other feature updates is suppor…
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Twitter’s new rules prohibit bulk tweeting to fight spam

Twitter's spam bot issue isn't new, but it came to a head when it was revealed that thousands of Russian troll accounts used the platform to influence the 2016 Presidential elections. Now, the company has announced a set of changes and new developer…
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Facebook busts up international spam operation

While Facebook has spent significant time fighting fake news on its network, it continues to battle another plague to its social platform: Fake accounts. These are often used to spread low-quality content, so the internet titan has been ramping up it…
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