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‘Valorant’ esport matches will show sparks instead of blood

Riot Games has huge plans for Valorant’s future in esports, and it wants to make sure its matches attract as many sponsors from across categories as possible. According to Bloomberg, the developer will require third-party tournament organizers to rem…
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TV reporter’s sick-call email sparks glorious reply-all chaos

If you've ever been caught up in an accidental reply-all email thread, you know how much of a disaster it can be between the lame jokesters, the "remove me from this list" complaints (which only make it worse) and the productivity black hole it creat…
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HTC U11 sparks revenue growth for the company in June

It’s not a well-kept secret that HTC has struggled pretty badly in the financial department for the past couple of years, but every once in awhile they’ll see a nice revenue bump from a successful flagship launch. It seems like that was the case in June, too, thanks to the slick U11. Revenues in June […]

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