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Yamaha’s latest turntable streams multi-room audio via WiFi

You can pair a turntable with a multi-room audio setup (Sonos even offers a bundle), but that usually means wiring your record player into that setup at some point. Yamaha thinks it can do better. Its newly launched MusicCast Vinyl 500 turntable uses…
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NBA is experimenting with 99-cent fourth quarter live streams

NBA's League Pass can be quite pricey if you're more of a casual viewer than a huge fan. Those "casual viewers" could still go online to find illegal streams to watch, though, so the association seems to be thinking of ways to win them over — like o…
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Sling TV now streams directly on your 2017 Samsung smart TV

If you bought one of Samsung's 2017 smart TV models, you can go ahead and ditch the device you're using to pipe in Sling TV. The live TV streaming company announced today that its app is now available directly those models, which will nix the need fo…
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The three 2016 U.S. presidential debates rank as the most-viewed political live streams of all time

This year, more news organizations live streamed the U.S. presidential debates on YouTube than ever before, and we saw record-breaking interest from the YouTube community. The 2016 presidential debates rank as the three most-viewed political live streams of all time. In total, these debates drove 8.5M live watch hours and averaged 1.7M live peak concurrent viewers.

Last night’s final presidential debate delivered:

  • 2.8M live watch hours, nearly five times higher than 2012
  • 1.7M live peak concurrent viewers, over four times higher than 2012
  • Over 140 million views on all debate-related videos

Elections-related YouTube searches are also at an all-time high. Searches for U.S. election content are up 547 percent compared to this time in the last presidential race.

Throughout the debates, millions of viewers tuned in and stayed engaged. The average live session duration was 22 minutes across all three presidential debates and concurrent viewership consistently peaked towards the end of the debate.

In true YouTube fashion, Americans weren’t the only ones involved. Have a look at who was watching the most around the globe:

With only 18 days until U.S. Election Day voters are preparing to head to the polls. If the voter registration deadline in your state hasn’t passed, register today! It only takes 1 min., 34 seconds.

Kurt Wilms, Product Lead, Live Streaming at YouTube, recently watched “The Third Presidential Debate.”

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#voteIRL: Announcing YouTube’s get out the vote initiative and presidential debate live streams

At YouTube, we believe in giving everyone a voice. So this U.S. elections season, we’re committed to making sure that people–especially young people–use their voice by voting.

With November just around the corner, election-related content is exploding. Over 200,000 election videos have been uploaded to YouTube every day since the July Conventions and you’ve watched more than 110 million hours of candidate and issues-related content on YouTube.

But while people are clearly engaged with the election online, we want to make sure they get involved “in real life,” too. Today, we’re announcing YouTube’s get out the vote campaign, #voteIRL, where together with the YouTube creator community, we’re helping get young people to the polls. Check out our new #voteIRL anthem video featuring some of YouTube’s top talent, including Bethany Mota, Hannah Hart, Kingsley, Hank Green and more.

Did you know it only takes 1:34 to register to vote?1 With voter registration deadlines looming in October, it’s fast and easy to register to vote using registration tools built by Google. Starting today, look out for familiar faces making 1:34 videos where they do anything from hosting their radio show (hey Ryan Seacrest) to doing their eyebrows, while encouraging their fans to go register. We teamed up with AwesomenessTV, Fullscreen, Machinima, and Maker Studios, so watch for more 1:34 videos every day until National Voter Registration Day.

In addition to the link above, you can also find voter registration tools directly on YouTube. Watch out for registration reminders on the homepage, watch page, and search results page on September 27, Voter Registration Day.

Voting requires you to get educated with the latest and greatest from the candidates. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re live streaming the presidential debates from more news organizations than ever before including NBC NewsPBS, Fox NewsThe Washington Post, Univision, and Telemundo. You can also follow your favorite YouTube creators, including The Young Turks and Complex News, who will be on the ground reporting from the debates using YouTube Live directly from their phones.

Stay tuned to and our social media channels as we release new videos, report from the presidential debates, and bring you closer to the election (and the polls) this November. And make sure you’re registered to vote!

Claire Stapleton, YouTube Elections team, recently watched “Maymo the Dog Runs for President: Maymo 2016.”

1 We got a group at YouTube together and registered in every state and the average was just 1:34.

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VRidge streams VR from your desktop to Google Cardboard

RiftCat is the company that has developed VRidge, an app that lets your phone stream VR content running on your computer. This is good news for anyone sitting on capable hardware who shelled out big bucks.

The post VRidge streams VR from your desktop to Google Cardboard appeared first on Digital Trends.

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T-Mobile’s Binge On “optimizations” are throttling all video streams to 1.5Mbps

T-Mobile_Logo_02_TAWhen T-Mobile announced their Binge On promotion for video streaming, they didn’t quite mention how video streams would be “optimized” on their network. This created some frustration between T-Mobile and YouTube, and rightfully so, since YouTube isn’t even part of the Binge On program. To clarify some things, the Electronic Frontier Foundation ran some tests to see how video was being throttled/optimized and came to some interesting conclusions.

Regardless of whether or not a video stream is counting against your data cap, if a customer has opted into Binge On, video streams are capped at 1.5Mbps. Opting out of Binge On completely removes that optimization, and the EFF saw video streams reaching 5Mbps, which is a pretty big jump. Oddly enough, those speeds were also capped for video downloads, which means T-Mobile is actually paying attention to the types of files that are being downloaded on their network and adjusting speeds accordingly.

Whether your want to call this optimization or throttling, it’s still a major pain point when the network and phones should be capable of delivering 1080p video streams without a hitch. This network optimization is happening regardless of whether or not the network is congested at the time, which is another sticky catch to the unlimited video streaming.

It makes sense that T-Mobile would have to do something to avoid blowing up their network with tons of customers streaming video, but it’s unfortunate that this kind of thing isn’t completely apparent up front.

If you’re interested in the full testing methodology, you can find the results at the links below.

source: EFF

via: Ars Technica

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