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Google updates the TalkBack app and renames it to Android Accessibility Suite

Not everyone has 20/20 sight, those of us with impaired vision might be familiar with the TalkBack app that aids smartphone navigation with its spoken feedback. The app has just received an update, and as it so often does, Google has also decided to rename the TalkBack app to the Android Accessibility Suite in the […]

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Google’s productivity suite now shows who viewed your files

If you've ever worked on shared documents, you know the potential for confusion: a coworker may harangue you over an old file without realizing that you made changes hours ago. That shouldn't be a problem with Google's G Suite in the future. Google…
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Google Hire is a new recruiting app for G Suite

Google’s G Suite exists to help make everyday tasks easier for businesses, and the latest addition to the software aims to help with the recruiting process. The new app, called Hire, aims to streamline the entire process, including helping with communication and interviewing. Of course, it wouldn’t be a real Google product if Hire didn’t […]

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G Suite accounts are now accepted for Project Fi

Google just opened up Project Fi to more people. Today it was announced that, in addition to traditional accounts, anyone with a G Suite account can sign-up for Google’s wireless service. Check with your domain’s owner before signing up for the service, though. It’ll be controlled by the G Suite Administator; therefore, they could pull […]

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G Suite gets more customization tools including new App Maker

As Google I/O 2017 starts to wind down and fans plot their new developments or their next big purchase based on Google tech, the enterprise market got some welcome news about some tools Google will roll out for G Suite. G Suite is Google’s platform mainly intended for the enterprise that gives companies access to […]

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The 2018 Honda Odyssey is your connected daycare suite on wheels

Honda has remade its long-running Odyssey minivan with the connected generation and their offspring in mind. The 2018 Odyssey launches this spring with features that help up to eight passengers talk to each other – or more likely zone out and s…
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Google Apps for Work gets upgrades, rebranded to G Suite

As part of a move to enhance their offerings for enterprise clients, Google announced some improvements and enhancements to their Google Cloud platform and in particular to their set of tools previously known as Google Apps for Work. Those tools are basically a subset of all of Google’s applications that are available to run on […]

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Introducing YouTube Director: A suite of video ad creation products for businesses

Whether it’s for entertainment, indulging a passion, or discovering something new, more people are turning to YouTube to watch video. In fact, growth in watch time on YouTube is up at least 50 percent year-over-year.1 Now, more than ever, businesses can connect with their customers through video advertising on YouTube.

But we know that creating a video ad can be challenging. To make it easier for every business— from a dog walker to a barber shop owner—to get started with advertising on YouTube, we’re launching the YouTube Director suite of products. Three products that make video ads more accessible to businesses.

Make a video ad right from your phone

With the free YouTube Director for business app (available for iPhone today in the U.S. and Canada) anyone can create a video ad for their business quickly and easily—right from their phone. No editing experience required. People like Woody Lovell Jr., owner of the The Barber Shop Club in Los Angeles, are already seeing positive results with YouTube Director.

Woody shot and edited a video ad by himself, uploaded it to YouTube, and worked with an AdWords expert to run a campaign. As a result, Woody’s business saw a significant increase in potential customers being able to remember and recognize his ad.2

We challenged five business owners—including Woody—to create a video ad in 20 minutes or less. Watch what happened and download the app to give it a try.

Get a professional to make your video ad

In select U.S. cities, we’re also offering YouTube Director onsite, a service that sends a professional filmmaker to shoot and edit a video ad for free whenever a business spends at least $ 150 to advertise on YouTube. YouTube Director onsite is available in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C.—and coming to more cities soon.

Is your business an app? We can create a video ad for you too

YouTube Director automated video creates a video ad automatically from existing assets like logos and app screenshots in the App Store or Google Play Store, and is available globally. Reach out to a Google expert (1-855-500-2756) for more information.

No matter what kind of business you’re in, getting started with advertising on YouTube just became a whole lot easier. We can’t wait to see what you make. Happy filming.

Max Goldman, Product Manager, YouTube Director, recently watched “YouTube Director Video Challenge.”

1 Google Data, 2016

2 Woody’s YouTube Director video ad for The Barber Shop Club drove a 73 percent increase in ad recall among target customers on YouTube, and a 56 percent lift in brand awareness (AdWords Brand Lift Study, June 2016)

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