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Twitter tests a feature that simplifies your tweetstorms

Tweetstorms are a staple of Twitter these days — it's not uncommon to see someone shout "thread" and point to a mammoth 30-tweet piece of political commentary. Whether or not you feel that's the best use of Twitter, it could soon be much easier to…
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Google tests vacation rental filter alongside hotel search results

Last year, Google issued some updates that made it easier to track down flight and hotel deals and it has recently been testing an option that would bring up vacation rentals when users search for hotels. The new feature shows up under the "Accommoda…
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BBC tests 4K iPlayer with ‘Planet Earth II’

For four glorious minutes, Brits will be able to watch Planet Earth II in 4K. The broadcaster is releasing some "experimental footage" in the ultra HD resolution today, which viewers can watch until "early next year" on a small list of compatible TVs…
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