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Google and Blizzard invite you to train AI with ‘StarCraft II’

Google, apparently tired of trouncing human players at Go with its DeepMind AI, set its computer intelligence up with Blizzard's video game Starcraft II last fall. It seems that was more than a stunt: Today, Google announced it has built a whole rese…
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Recommended Reading: Pro soccer players train with video games

How Soccer Players Are Getting Smarter On the Field With Brain-Training Video Games Tom Taylor, Sports Illustrated Athletes are employing all kinds of tech during training to gain a competitive edge while tracking progress. Sports Illustrated tell…
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OpenAI’s new system lets you train robots entirely in VR

Elon Musk's artificial intelligence platform OpenAI introduced a new program to train robots entirely in simulation. Now they've added a new algorithm, named one-shot imitation learning, which will only require humans to demonstrate a task once in VR…
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San Francisco train service plans to run solely on clean energy

Commuter trains are already somewhat eco-friendly by their nature (you're less likely to need a car, after all), but the San Francisco Bay Area's train system is taking things one step further. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) has unveiled a policy that…
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New MotusPro tracking lab could change the way baseball players train

MotusGlobal, famous for saving pitcher’s arms with the mThrow, today announced a full body tracking system for baseball players called the MotusPro. Sensors fitted to a shirt, gloves, and shoes track millions of data points per movement for analysis.

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