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Microsoft launches Xbox All Access with two-year console financing

The rumors are true: Today, Microsoft announced an all-inclusive service called Xbox All Access. For $ 22 per month over two years, Microsoft will provide you with an Xbox One S console, access to over 100 games thanks to Xbox Game Pass and an Xbox Li…
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Audible returns to Sonos speakers after two-year hiatus

It's taken a while (over two years in fact), but Audible is now available on Sonos again. Following an incompatible update the service was removed in August 2015, much to the annoyance of bibliophiles everywhere, but today it makes its triumphant ret…
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Sprint reverses course and brings back two-year contracts

Are you still in love with two-year contracts? Sprint has you covered. After killing them off just last month, the carrier listened to its customers and has quietly brought them back from the dead.

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