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Uber’s Southeast Asia merger delayed pending reviews

Uber is normally glad when its service keeps running in a given country, but not this time around. The Philippines has ordered Uber to keep its local service active while antitrust investigators review the merger with Grab's Southeast Asia business….
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Arizona governor suspends Uber’s self-driving car tests

As the investigation into last week's fatal crash where an autonomous Uber SUV struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, AZ, the state's governor has suspended Uber's permission to test its cars there. While the company had already halted testing nati…
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Uber’s self-driving trucks are making deliveries in Arizona

Uber announced today that its self-driving trucks have been operating in Arizona for the last couple of months. The company said it has two main transfer hubs in Sanders and Topock, but other than that, Uber is being pretty tight-lipped about the ope…
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Police report explains little about Uber’s autonomous wreck

After one of its self-driving Volvos in Tempe, Arizona was struck by another car, Uber temporarily shut down all autonomous testing in the state and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. No major injuries resulted and both sites resumed operations early this…
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Uber’s redesigned app is more about the journey than the destination

Uber’s redesigned client, which begins rolling out gradually in November, places a greater emphasis on entertainment than functionality. It features tie-ins with Yelp, Foursquare, and a myriad of other third parties.

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