Instagram adding several new features to Instagram Direct

instagram directInstagram Direct is the social media site’s way of directly sharing content with friends and family, and it’s been a success for the site since it launched a few years back. Today, Direct is getting some new features to make it even better, including threaded messaging and a way to share photos and videos on your feed straight to specific people.

The threaded messaging feature makes Instagram Direct work pretty similarly to text messaging and group messaging. The threads will follow conversations depending on which people are in the conversation, and you can name groups and quickly share things through a dedicated camera button and emoji sticker button.

Instagram is also pushing the sharing aspect of the site, adding a share button directly to posts next to the comment and like button. This will let you send content to direct messages and groups, and is designed to skip the step of mentioning someone in an Instagram comment.

Privacy hasn’t changed with these new features, so anything you share directly will only be seen by whoever you specify, and the photos and videos will only be visible to people that could already see the content normally, so you won’t be able to circumvent private accounts this way.

source: Instagram

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