Samsung Galaxy S6 Active survives multiple slap shots


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is aimed at being a more rugged alternative to the normal Galaxy S6 for people with more rugged lives. However, just how strong is it? YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, has decided to test just that by taking it out to a hockey arena and using it as the puck.

I expected the S6 Active to basically break right away, but it did way better than I would of guessed. It was used as a puck for pretty much every aspect of a hockey game from passing to slap shots.

Click here to view the embedded video.

The most insane part is it even survives not one, but two full-on slap shots. The only time it blew up was when one shot was just a little too hard and it hit the post. No phone will ever survive that. Obviously, we do not recommend you go out and try this with your S6 Active, but pretty cool to watch someone else do it.

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