Select Nexus 6P units have broken microphones


The Nexus 6P is by no means a cheap phone. Google enlisted Huawei to make a premium device constructed of metal, but it seems that the Nexus 6P isn’t holding true to the $ 499 starting price. In October, rear panel glass was spontaneously shattering for some people. Quite bizarre, right? At least the most recent issue is very realistic and not nearly as random. The microphone’s functionality, according to multiple posts on the Google Product Forums, is posing a problem. There are owners of the Nexus 6P reporting that the phone’s microphone is not projecting their voice with strength or quality to people on the other end of a call.

Jamie Corbett, one of the Nexus 6P owners experiencing issues with his unit’s microphone, said the following in his post:

“While talking to my wife today she could barely hear me and said it sounded like I was very far away or muffled. This was while I had the headset to my ear like normal. If I put it on speaker, she said it would sound okay. I tried to find others with this issue and a similar issue, but couldn’t. Please help!”

Representatives on behalf of Google have only said that they are investigating the issue. One area that the company could be looking at is noise cancellation and the multiple microphones it takes to enable that. Apparently covering the microphone on the rear of the Nexus 6P alleviates the issue; however, others are discrediting that temporary solution and say it does nothing at all.

Let’s all just hope that Google can fix this through a software update instead of Huawei being forced to recall the Nexus 6P.

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Via: Android Police

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