TAG Heuer Connected is back in stock at the company’s website

tag_heuer_connected_with_smartphoneAnyone remember TAG Heuer’s Connected premium Android Wear smartwatch? Well, the smartwatch is back up for purchase after being sold-out for nearly two months.

In December we reported that TAG Heuer was experiencing higher demand than expected. Later that month they terminated online sales and increased production in order to catch up. This news came to us as a bit of a surprise because it’s not everyday you see smartwatches fly off the shelves like that. There’s still a handful of people out there who see no good use for a smartwatch.

Earlier this week, TAG Heuer added more supply and put the smartwatch back up for sale on its website. Just as a reminder, the TAG Heuer Connected is as premium as they get. It’s durable and made of expensive materials, that’s why the price tag comes in at $ 1,500 USD. This is the most expensive Android Wear smartwatch you can buy. As a courtesy, the TAG Heuer Connected will ship for free. To read more about it or get your own, hit the source link.

Source: TAG Heuer

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